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Illinois Engineered ProductsIllinois Engineered Products (IEP) has been manufacturing folding security gates and scissor gate systems since its founding as a company 1962. Well-renowned for its engineering excellence, IEP manufactures standard and specialized barrier gate products that are exported to different countries worldwide. The various products produced by the company includes folding security gates, overhead, entrance and exit doors, barrier gates, scissor gates, traditional accordion-style gate for safety applications, portable barrier gates for retail corridors, and large security gates for hallways in schools and colleges.

Illinois Engineered Products provides the widest range of security solutions in the market with good environmental benefits like proper air ventilation, sharper visibility, and effective communication. We maintain a huge stock of more than 1000 solutions to prevent prompt loss prevention. However, specialized gates are also on offer to suit individual requirements, including design-oriented powder-coated colors.

The company is the only producer in North America that makes heavy-duty, galvanized tough steel security gates fabricated from the strongest materials to increase durability. Do you Want to know more about galvanized stainless steel and what makes it a superior option for your security gates? This article takes a deep dive into galvanized steel vs. stainless steel. All the products are rust-resistant and perform extremely well in the harsh climate and other physical damages. The products available on that are manufactured by IEP are so strong that they are technically maintenance-free.

Heavy Duty Security Gates In Use

Here at, we guarantee that all the products we carry give exceptional loss prevention capability, including superior safety/security solutions producing the most preferred security gates.

If you have a shopping list for any residential or commercial property that you’d like our support with – please call us and one of our U.S. based Product Pros will handle the details for you. With 40 years of experience in this industry, we are experienced experts and selecting the right product for your company and your project. Our commitment to customer service is the best in the industry.

IEP is a privately held company headquartered in Chicago, IL (US).

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I receive my order?

Your order usually ships 2-3 business days after it’s placed. We carry all gates in stock, so we can send your gate quickly. If you order a custom gate, we’ll tell you how long it will take to deliver. Even custom orders usually only take 7-10 days.

I only received two “L” brackets for the top of the gate. Don’t I also need brackets for the bottom?

No. Your gate rests on bearing washers, and drop pins that fit into holes in the floor that you’ve drilled.

What if I don’t want to drill holes in my floor to mount my single or pair gate?

You can special order a shorter truncated gate with special brackets designed to hold the gate off the floor.

Do I need to drill holes in the floor for my pair gate’s self-securing drop pin?

Yes. Self-securing drop pins, which must be inserted into floor-holes, are required for pair gates to join properly in the center, when closed.

Can I install the “L” bracket up, instead of down?

Yes. If you want easy access to the bracket bolts. However, this configuration provides less security.

Should I lubricate the gate?

Normally your gate requires no maintenance. In harsh environments however (severe winters, coastal conditions), lubricating the gate periodically with white grease is a good idea.

When do I need an “H” bracket?

You can install an “H” bracket above where two sides of a pair gate meet. Each half of the gate joins to the “H” bracket, providing greater rigidity and security. Note that an “H” bracket installed in your opening will reduce clearance height of forklifts and other vehicles.

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