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Scissor Gates: 2″ Standard Mounting Bracket for Single and Double Accordion Gates


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Description: Scissor Gates: 2″ Standard Mounting Bracket for Single and Double Accordion Gates

Gate post brackets, such as the 2” Bracket, are standard for single and pair gates for mounting the top of the gate to a wall or casing. A standard bracket is required for every type of gate, be it metal or wood. Wooden gate brackets are used for those majestic wooden gates while metal gate corner brackets are used for metal single or pair gates.

Think of fence gate brackets as components designed to join two parts of a gate that will be moving every few minutes. These brackets may seem small and inconsequential but they’re as vital to the smooth functioning of a pair gate or single gate as any other component.

The strongest gates consist of five key components, whether you’re installing a single or double gate: rugged steel frames, heavy-gauge gate hinges, solid steel posts, strong steel latches, and not to forget – strong steel brackets. 

Each of the 5 key gate elements plays a major role in the gate’s overall smooth functioning, and even the slightest damage to one will affect the others and ultimately threaten the gate’s performance. High-quality single fixed gate accessories and double fixed gate hardware are therefore strongly recommended.

Investing in excellent gate post brackets will give your single and pair gates a significant advantage from the very beginning. They keep your scissor gates from sagging and will last for many years, ultimately saving you money. Sagging gates are a safety hazard and liability because they can cause preventable injuries. 

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