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There are three things that come to the top of mind when considering how Todoos can support Amusement Park Businesses:

  1. Trash Management,
  2. Recycling to support the environment and…
  3. People flow management!

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"Todoos had everything my venue needed, no matter what the event or size of the crowd we needed to manage."
John Smith, BIG Stadium

Because it is universally recognizable let’s take a look at how Disney World is tackling Trash Management. Did you know that an average of 80,000 pounds of garbage run through Disney Worlds Garbage system every single day! When you are a similar business you know that managing this along with all the other demands that your guests put on your facilities your Todoo list can be daunting and seem unending!

Disney has an aide that not every park will have, a secret underground handling system that takes garbage from across the park from two distinct points through a massive AVAS (Automated Vacuum Assisted Collection System) system.

This system then runs underground like a built-in vacuum every 20 minutes pulling the waste from receptacles placed every 30 feet at 35 mph towards a disposal destination below the feet of its guests! And that’s just at the Magic Kingdom park!

Check the Right Amusement Park Products off Your Venue’s Todoos List

According to a report from their maintenance team, more than 110,000 TONS of solid waste were discarded from Disney World in 2017 alone.

An average of 35 solid waste transfer vehicles run all day every day making an average of 191 pick-ups per day. Keep in mind these are full-size garbage trucks that would be full for each pick-up. That’s a pick-up every 7.5 minutes on average!

Trash Management is a big deal! So much so that Walt Disney World trash cans have become a crucial part of the Disney experience, they even sell merchandise designed around them. We applaud that at todoos and encourage you to do the same in your location!

Check out some of Todoos Top of Stanchion merchandising options!

When it comes to Recycling, they have also been leaders in testing solutions – Todoos can support you to do the same!

Best Selling Products for Amusement Parks or Theme Parks

> Garbage and Recycle Receptacles
> Chain in all colors!
> Braided Rope
> Extreme Duty Stanchions
> 1.5 Economy Foam Core Velour Rope
> Cigarette Receptacles


Amusement Park Trash Management – Recycling because we love the planet!

Being a beacon of support for our planet is a pretty on-trend consideration for Amusement Parks and other businesses alike today. An admirable example of how things can be done is revealed by the old standard of parks Walt Disney World where more than 18,000 tons of materials are now being recycled annually at the resort.

The crucial change started to happen when they placed recycling bins in each of the guest rooms at its hotels. The innocent nudge robotically signaled the guests that they were expected to conduct themselves like conscious consumers.

Imagine how much we can impact the world by the placement of recycling receptacles across our Parks at 30’ intervals as well!

People flow or Crowd control may be even more front of mind than waste management in amusement parks as the topmost concern of the theme park management and Todoos’ range of products is ideally suited to empower your managing of enthusiastic park guests.

Our crowd control products like stanchions and barriers, including digital queue messaging, are your first line of defense when you are ready to host or engage a swarm of guests in an orderly manner. Once inside the theme park, it is futile to expect guests to mind their p’s and q’s in a venue that incites them to shed inhibitions and have a blast of a time! So it’s important you provide them with easily available solutions to mitigate the risk of them going overboard.

This should ideally begin with effective signage at prominent places that guide them to rides and restaurants, to avoid overcrowding at any one particular location. Every theme park has those few rides that are more popular than others and witness a large number of eager patrons. Todoos queue management products can seamlessly prevent situations like these from ballooning into an unmanageable nightmare.

Todoos has solutions to every kind of crowd flow issue for both inside and outdoor situations regardless of your event or situation. Wherever people flow – Todoos has the tools you need to keep things moving smoothly!

The Todoos Promise!

We will never represent or endorse any cheap look-alike products shipped in from any questionable offshore location. From product details, delivery, product, service guarantees and customer service – each Todoos supplier is 100% vetted by a Product-Pro Agent. Each one is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure you never have to worry about a product or delivery ‘whoops’.

The Todoos Brand Promises that everything will perform exactly as stated!

After wasting countless dollars and hours on cheap knockoffs, we’re all looking for products that can adhere to one simple claim: “Will perform exactly as stated”. No exceptions, special conditions, or fine print. At Todoos each product will come with two levels of verification.

  1. We are holding every supplier responsible. They must stand 100% behind any of their products and services that we list in our store.
  2. Any product, vendor or service that carries the name, will be personally vetted and examined by a Product-Pro.

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Whether it’s another bullet point, checkmark or checked-off bullet point, our name grew out of the idea that everyone’s to-do list seems to always be growing. Our name and brand are simple and to the point. They focus on you and your needs – and our willingness to help.

Our name is our way of celebrating the fact that as Americans, we love to be busy, ahead of the pack, and better than our competitors. At we like to think of our ‘extra O” as a symbol of the ‘Oh…!” we can add to your business.

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