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Facility Management | What’s on your Venues or Stadium Todoo list?

Facility Management covers a lot of ground that most event attendees don’t and shouldn’t think about very much. It’s a normal and reasonable expectation that facilities will have everything necessary in place for the public’s safety and pleasure.

However, for something that most people assume is handled – proper facility management is a very big job!

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"I want to thank you again for your “first class service” leading up to football season. You pulled a rabbit out of the hat for our barrier covers and flags. I’m greatly appreciative. I’ll be sure to reach out as we prepare for the 2021 football season."
Bucky Lamb, Texas State

Here in the USA, the average attendance of a Stadium event is 66,151. That’s a lot of people requiring a lot of sports facility management!

Gatherings like that naturally lead to a huge demand for the space management tools necessary to serve and manage the flood of people in attendance. Facility managers need everything from queuing systems to waste receptacles, cigarette receptacles, signage, and even barriers for restricted areas.


Check the Right Facility Management Products off Your Venue’s Todoo List

Did you know that the average NFL game generates 80,000 pounds of trash, and that can double during the Super Bowl! Amazing right.

Based on average attendance at sports events in the USA of 31,190 per event – you can see why our top-quality waste and recycling receptacles need to be part of your integrated facilities services, which is why they need to be at the top of your Stadium or Venue Todoo list!

No matter the size of your venue, event attendees expect your integrated facility management to be top-notch starting with making it easy to access your event location, queue up for food and beverage, or easily find the line to purchase merchandise.  That’s where our engaging single-line queuing system is an excellent service option on your Todoo list!

Best Selling Products for Stadiums and Venues

> QueueMaster Twin 550 Economy Double Belt
> Painted Steel Barricade
> Braided Rope
> WeatherMaster 250 Safety Stanchion
> 1.5 Economy Foam Core Velour Rope
> WallPro 450 (20’ -30’)


Venue Management – Because smaller venues aren’t necessarily all that small!

In the US, 53% of attendees participate in corporate and business meetings, 18% in conventions, conferences and congresses without an exhibition floor and 16% in trade shows or conferences with an exhibiting component. 6% participated in incentive meetings and 6% in other meetings according to the Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council.

That’s a lot of people attending your venue and we know the specific venue management demands you need to budget in order to properly service them while they are in your facility. Your venue management systems have to be durable, on point and affordable!

Venues event management can be very unpredictable. Sometimes your Todoo list has items required for events you’ve managed in the past and other times it’s about making sure you have the right pieces in place for those unexpected last-minute bookings.

Getting your space management right is critical to ensuring the safety of your attendees. The unfortunate events that occurred at the E2 nightclub in Chicago or the Station nightclub in Rhode Island are sobering examples of how important that your venue or stadium Todoo list includes clear signage, guidance systems and management for groups should the unforeseen occur.

Preparing for all possible scenarios can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone! Our team of Product Pros have decades of experience and are here to work with your budget to ensure you’re prepared. So, let’s chat and tackle your ToDoo list!

A quick search here will give you access to everything on your list at the best prices and highest quality, with an American first mindset always front and center.

Why Todoos

When your facility management responsibility includes dealing with large crowds of people one of the most important considerations is the way people will move and flow through a space. Ask yourself, what will their space management needs be while they’re in motion or stationary in a line?

You also have to think ahead of what people do when they are uncertain or unclear of the best way to move within those spaces.

The starting point for facility management crowd flow planning is to identify the routes, bottlenecks, and possible crossflow points in your environment. People are unpredictable and at times confused, so you need to know that your signage, guideposts, and systems are not!

Here at Todoos, we take our responsibility to ensure you get the integrated facility management products that make things go as smoothly as possible for you very seriously! Todoos has solutions to every kind of crowd flow issue for both inside and outdoor situations regardless of your event or situation.

Wherever people flow – Todoos has the tools you need to keep things moving smoothly!

The Todoos Promise!

We will never represent or endorse any cheap look-alike products shipped in from any questionable offshore location. From product details, delivery, product, service guarantees and customer service – each Todoos supplier is 100% vetted by a Todoos.com Product-Pro Agent. Each one is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure you never have to worry about a product or delivery ‘whoops’.

The Todoos Brand Promises that everything will perform exactly as stated!

After wasting countless dollars and hours on cheap knockoffs, we’re all looking for products that can adhere to one simple claim: “Will perform exactly as stated”. No exceptions, special conditions, or fine print. At Todoos each product will come with two levels of verification.

  1. We are holding every supplier responsible. They must stand 100% behind any of their products and services that we list in our store.
  2. Any product, vendor or service that carries the Todoos.com name, will be personally vetted and examined by a Todoos.com Product-Pro.

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Whether it’s another bullet point, checkmark or checked-off bullet point, our name grew out of the idea that everyone’s to-do list seems to always be growing. Our name and brand are simple and to the point. They focus on you and your needs – and our willingness to help.

Our name is our way of celebrating the fact that as Americans, we love to be busy, ahead of the pack, and better than our competitors. At Todoos.com we like to think of our ‘extra O” as a symbol of the ‘Oh…!” we can add to your business.

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