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WallPro 450 (20′-30′)


  • 20’, 25’ 30’ and 35’ belt length options
  • Tough ABS housing available with black or colored top and bottom caps to conceal screw mounts.
  • Sleek design suitable for factory and office environments.
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Description: WallPro 450 (20'-30')

Wall mount retractable belt

With belt length options ranging from 20’ to 35,’ this is the model for closing long spans such as loading bays.

The WallPro 450 Wall mount retractable belt is our solution for spaces that are longer yet unsuitable for stanchion bars.
Imagine cargo areas for example. You have huge halls no doubt but the multiple departure bays make the conventional posts rather unacceptable there as you need every inch of space to take out luggage and other heavy-duty packs that may collide and damage a stanchion, hence the flexible solution of a wall mount retractable belt barriers works perfect here.

Select your ideal options for belt lengths, housing colors and belt color/pattern for the wall-mounted retractable belt barrier colors from the 3 dropdowns above.

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Watercooler Wisdom: If you’re short on staff, try the Wall-Mounted Retractable Belt. Stored in containers that hang on the wall, you can pull it out at a moment’s notice and block access to passageways, aisles, restrooms, staircases or other common areas. Retractable belts also come in handy in shopping malls when you may need to temporarily block off an aisle for cleaning or restocking.

Wall-mounted retractable belts are available in permanent or removable mounting options.

A slightly different option is a temporary retractable belt stanchion. With handles built-in to the stanchion post and a lightweight plastic body, it is easy for an employee to quickly set up a temporary barrier. Post top signage, custom belt messages, and floor stickers can be added to inform customers.

Additional Information

Belt Length

20', 30'

Housing Color

Black, Red, Yellow

Belt Color / Pattern

Black, Blue, Caution Do Not Enter, Red, Yellow Black


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