Wall Mounted Stanchions Recessed (7.5′-15′) for access control
Wall Mounted Stanchions Recessed (7.5′-15′)for managing corridor access
Wall Mounted Stanchions Recessed (7.5′-15′)for managing corridor access
Recessed Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barrier
wall mounted stanchions Belt end options available
Wall mounted stanchions Belt Types - Standard and wide
wall mounted stanchions- receiver clip

Recessed Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barrier



This is a mounted retractable belt barrier that’s designed to be recessed into your wall and sit flush. Great for smaller tight areas and will stay safely tucked out of the way when not in use.

  • Sets into a wall cavity, face plate flush fits with the wall.
  • 7.5’, 10’, 13’ and 15’ belt lengths.
  • Can be custom colored to suit any decor.
  • Receiver clip included
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Description: Recessed Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barrier

Wall Mounted Stanchions for corridors and passages

The Recessed WallPro wall mount is designed to set into a wall cavity providing a discrete method of restricting access to corridors. The unit’s face-plate fits flush to the wall and can be powder coated to suit any décor.

The Recessed wall mounted stanchions take away the need for a stanchion bar and provide a more refined way of managing access to a corridor.

The wall mount’s faceplate fits evenly to the wall and the elegant black or stainless finishes are compatible with every type of décor. A receiver clip is supplied along with the recessed wall mounts for attaching the belt end to the opposite wall.

Recessed Wall Mounted Stanchions are available in four belt lengths of 7.5’, 10’, 13’ and 15’ and a number of striking colors that subliminally signal to visitors that the place is restricted for use.

We also offer options to customize the wall mount in a choice of delightful colors, so you can match them with your overall ambiance exactly as you desire. You can also choose to customize wall mount belts with your logo or message for immediate brand recall.

Select your preferred options for belt sizes, wall mount colors and belt lengths from the 3 drop downs above.

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Additional Information

Belt Length

7.5', 13'

Housing Color

Black, Satin Stainless

Belt Color/Pattern

Red, Yellow, Black, Caution Do Not Enter


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