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WallMaster 400 (13’/15′)


  • Premium Retractable barriers wall mounted for safety applications
  • 13’ or 15’ belt lengths.
  • Tough steel housing available in a variety of colors.
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Description: WallMaster 400 (13'/15')

Retractable barriers wall mounted

A wall-mounted retractable barrier is a belt that can be extended or retracted from a wall to control access to specific areas. The 2″ belt is stored in a small compartment that is 4.5″ high by and 4.75″ wide. This product can easily be mounted to your wall or door, or even on gates and posts. 

WallMaster 400 is ideal for use in commercial environments such as factories and warehouses. Standard housing finishes are black or chrome and high visibility red, yellow, or orange for safety applications.

Height: 4.5″
Width: 4.75″
Depth: 4″
Weight: 3 lb.
Belt Width: 2″
Belt Length: 13’/15′

WallMaster 400, we have premium retractable barriers wall mounted for easy storage and use in commercial environments such as industrial units and warehouse isles, loading bays and elevator passages.

The WallMaster 400 is an efficient solution for businesses who need crowd control fixtures but don’t have the necessary space for stanchion posts and bases – wall mounted stanchions attach to flat surfaces, saving on space and reducing clutter.

A few useful features of the WallMaster 400 retractable barriers wall mounted-

1. Restricts access and saves space because it mounts to a wall and is designed to quickly retract in seconds.
2. The WallMaster 400 Is ideal for use in corridors or atriums spanning up to 15′.
3. The housing for the WallMaster mounts on one flat surface with a receiving clip being mounted opposite.

The WallMaster 400 stanchion is indispensable if you are searching for a solution to control a crowd in a smaller area without cramming the already constricted space.

You can choose your favored options for WallMaster 400 belt lengths, Housing colors, and belt colors/ patterns from the 3 dropdowns above.

Invest in the best Crowd Control solutions. Order the WallMaster 400 today.

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Additional Information

Belt Length

13', 15'

Housing Color

Black, Orange, Polished Chrome, Red, Yellow

Belt Color / Pattern

Black, Caution Do Not Enter, Yellow Black


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