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School Strap



Allows Single, Pair or Portable gates to be locked in retracted position.

Made in the USA

Description: School Strap

A gate hardware kit isn’t considered complete unless the school strap is included! This hardware kit can be used to secure single, paired or portable gates in whatever position you need them in. Think of it as a gate lock set, except that you can use the strap set to lock the gate without locking complete access!

In warehouses and loading bays, the school strap is extensively used to restrict or allow access to a particular area. You may have noticed this type of strap or a similar device at places like concerts or sports venues where the retractable gate is partially locked so that only a single person can enter at a time. This simple step helps to enhance security by preventing hordes of unwanted, unmanageable people from flooding into the venue at once. Furthermore, venue managers can ensure that everyone who enters has a ticket to attend the event.

Features of a retractable gate strap:  

  • Single, paired, and portable gates are supported 
  • Easy to use 
  • A high-quality, long-lasting product 
  • The gates are locked in a retracted position of your choice

The gate strap can prevent your retractable gate from being open or closed unwantedly, even if you only use your gate once a day. As a result, the gate will last longer and require less maintenance.

A school strap can be purchased as optional hardware with the gate hardware kit. It’s a helpful piece if you’re looking to regularly restrict access to an area where a retractable accordion gate is installed. 

Todoos stocks every kind of single, pair and portable gate hardware. Browse our site and shop for the gate strap and other such hardware supplies for your gate hardware kit. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about applications and availability! Our U.S.-based Product Pros will ensure you receive the best solution for your needs.

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