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Aisle gate


  • Steel U-channel webbing riveted back-to-back with aircraft quality aluminum rivets
  • 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” vertical member angles
  • 28” axles for Portable Gates; 14” axles for Barrier Gates
  • Add-on gates for an additional 6’ of coverage
  • Order to combine and lock together
  • Mounted on 3” rubber wheels


The portable Folding security gate, or more commonly known as an Aisle Gate, is designed to restrict access to an area for a short period of time. For example, if a machine needs repair, or maintenance is needed at a workspace, you can’t just shut the entire floor down and stop the production cycle. That’s when your portable expanding fence like a portable folding security gate is brought in to temporarily restrict access while repairs are made – keeping your employees safe and giving your maintenance team the space they need.

The biggest advantage of an aisle gate is that it is lightweight, easy to move and install. Additionally, the expandable security gate collapses into a compact unit that can be easily transported and stored later.

The galvanized steel construction provides the strength and stability to withstand tough working conditions inside a factory.
Aisle gates are typically painted in OSHA yellow color for greater visibility. If need be, gates can be customized with your choice of color.

Since the portable folding security gate can be linked with one another easily, you can lock multiple gates together to create a bigger barrier that works for larger crowd control as needed.

You can never go wrong with Todoos. Shop for a portable expanding fence today.

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