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Door Gate


  • 1-year warranty on all gates
  • Galvanized steel finish
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • High strength steel U-channel webbing
  • Riveted with aluminum rivets of aircraft quality
  • A padlock hasp secures the gates to the wall
  • Customizable size, color and powder coating
  • Easy to install and ready to be used within 30 minutes
  • Sizes ranging from 31” to 83” in height and a standard width of 48”
**IMPORTANT: This product may require 1-2 weeks of production time before shipping. If you have a tight deadline, contact Customer Service. All gate sales are final. If it is your first time ordering from our store, please call Customer Service before you buy if you have any questions.**
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Made in the USA

Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to accept returns.

Description: Door Gate

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Door Gates

This door gate is designed to look like a door and work as a security gate! The metal gate door prevents the entry or exit of visitors, either completely or at specific points in time for certain purposes. A charmingly simple design makes this folding accordion gate an ideal choice for securing doorways up to a maximum width of 4′ (48”).

The Main Features of the Todoos Door Gate Are:

  • Galvanized steel finish.
  • High strength steel U-channel webbing 3/4 ” x 3/8 ” in size.
  • Riveted back-to-back with aluminum rivets of aircraft quality.
  • Makes use of the strongest 1-1/2”x 1-1/2” vertical member angles.
  • A padlock hasp secures the gates to the wall. Padlocks need to be ordered separately. 
  • The gates can be customized in terms of size, color, and powder coating.
  • Available sizes include heights ranging from 31” to 83” and a standard width of 48”.
  • Easy to install and ready to be used within 30 minutes
  • 100% Made in the USA

Todoos’ door gates are ideal for securing busy hallways or entryways for any type of business or industry. Their strong construction makes them the perfect candidate for installations in areas such as loading bays, warehouses, factory premises, cargo terminals, etc. The open webbing design of the door gate gives it an air of practical sophistication, while also providing vital ventilation for products and areas that need consistent airflow.

These accordion door gates are among the most common features in today’s fast moving warehouses. It allows smart ecommerce companies to quickly and easily control the access to multiple loading docks, warehouse isles and all areas of their facility without compromising the line of site or airflow.

This type of door gate allows products to be secured and organized in such an orderly manner that they are immediately accessible when an order is received. These companies thrive on meeting their deadlines quickly, so even a few seconds saved can have a compounding effect.

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