The perfect belt holster for your Garrett Superwand Metal Detector

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Garrett SuperWand Belt Holster

SKU: 1620300

This belt holster is designed to snugly fit the Garrett Superwand Metal Detector!

  • Highly versatile
  • Built out of ballistic weave material for outstanding strength
  • Fits the Garrett Superwand neatly
  • Can be attached to a belt or mounted inside a vehicle
Made in the USA

Description: Garrett SuperWand Belt Holster

Made with durable ballistic weave material this is the belt holster for your Garrett Superwand Metal Detector. Its versatile design attaches easily to your belt or you can use it to mount your detector inside your vehicle.

Highly versatile, incredibly tough, and remarkably well designed

This holster is tailored to carry and protect the Garrett security wand, a handheld metal detector that offers 360-degree coverage for detecting hidden weapons or metal objects. Its ballistic weave material provides excellent strength and load capacity, while the open-top design makes it easy to access your Garrett wand metal detector for effortless use.

Keeps your Superwand secure and accessible

Keep your Garrett Superwand Metal Detector safe and easily accessible with this attractively designed belt holster. Call us and our USA-based team will be glad to assist you in choosing an ideal metal detector for you. 

Remember your Superwand battery charging kit.

While it comes with an included battery, we recommend keeping a 110V rechargeable battery kit on hand for your Superwand metal detector.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 1 in

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