Keep your Garrett THD Pinpointer safe with this sleek belt holster.

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THD Belt Holster

SKU: 1620700

This durable and sleek belt holster for your Garrett THD Metal Detector keeps security and law enforcement professionals at the top of their game.

  • Intuitive design 
  • Tough ballistic weave material exterior
  • Can be used on a belt or inside a patrol vehicle
  • Wide acceptance among private security firms
Made in the USA

Description: THD Belt Holster

A sleek design with a rugged exterior

The belt holster for Garrett THD pinpointer is thoughtfully designed for security and law enforcement officers. The belt holster is made from durable ballistic weave material and can be mounted on a belt or inside a patrol vehicle. This makes it just as useful for officers driving as it is for those walking patrols.

Keeps the THD metal detector secure and in reach

The Garrett THD metal detector is widely used by private security firms to secure public spaces such as shopping malls, museums, theme parks, schools, theaters, and other similar venues frequented by a wider community. The belt holster makes it easier for guards to tuck away the Garrett THD metal detector while waiting for the crowd to arrive.

Keep your Garrett THD pinpointer conveniently accessible and secure with this sleek belt holster. Contact our team here in the USA for assistance in selecting the best metal detector and its accessories. 

Remember to stock a rechargeable battery kit!

While it comes with an included battery, we recommend keeping a 110V rechargeable battery kit close at hand for your THD pinpointer. 

THD is the safest, most compact, rugged metal detector available today. THD’s highly sensitive 360-degree detection area and silent vibration alarm make it the perfect metal detector for law enforcement purposes. It is also particularly useful for monitoring security in schools, bars, and nightclubs, as well as in corporations.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 1 in

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