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M R Products is one of the leading US manufacturers of plastic barrier chain and Mr chain stanchion products.

Incorporated in 1960 by Michael T. Russo, a Pearl Harbor veteran of the Army Air Corps. The only A-36 Ace and first Mustang Ace of World War II, he went on to start a plastics injection molding company.

Over the course of the next 17 years, the company supplied auto parts to major car companies such as GM and Chrysler. During this period, Mr. Russo also obtained patents for a few proprietary products, including a reseal cap for 16-ounce beverage bottles (which Pepsico later acquired), and a plastic beverage carton.

Around 1969, the company began producing its flagship product, Mr Chain plastic chain. They did this by using an innovative process that allows the chain to be produced in continuous lengths in an injection molding machine while still allowing each link to move freely. This product became an overnight sensation and completely transformed the face of crowd control around the country.


In the wake of that remarkable achievement, the company ceased all automotive supplier activities within three years and became a manufacturer of 100% proprietary products.

Over the course of his career, Russo acquired more than 20 patents for his products such as a Mr Chain stanchion, barrier chain and the obvious, Mr Chain plastic chain.

Mr. Chain offers more styles, sizes, and colors of plastic barrier chains than anyone else in the industry today. Additionally, there are four sizes of plastic stanchions that come in seven different colors, and a wide variety of crowd control accessories to suit a range of safety needs.

Mr. Chain is committed to continually developing more advanced products in the crowd control and safety markets for the benefit of both, customers and businesses.

Apart from manufacturing Mr Chain plastic chain in massive quantities, the company has also added new lines of crowd control products to its product portfolio – the snap safety reflector clip, the X-Treme heavy-duty stanchions, the magnets & carabiners (used in a loading dock kit), and the Cone Chain Connectors (C3).

A certified WBE (women-owned business) and a qualified small business, Mr. Chain has experienced exponential growth in the past few years and aims to double its revenue with the introduction of more high-quality crowd control products that will continue to serve the safety requirements of our great nation.

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