Plastic barrier chain | 2" plastic chain in a box– 25' in many colors
Plastic barrier chain | 2 Inch Plastic Chain in a Box– 25 Feet in many colors

2 Inch Plastic Chain in a Box – 25 Feet


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Plastic barrier chain | 2 Inch Plastic Chain in a Box – 25 Feet we have every variety in every color of every size in stock and ready to ship!

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Made in the USA

Description: 2 Inch Plastic Chain in a Box - 25 Feet

Plastic Barrier Chain

2 Inch Plastic Chain Specifications

2 Inch Plastic Chain Specifications

Plastic Barrier Chain | Fashion a convincing visual barrier with our 2 Inch Plastic Barrier Chain in a box – 25 feet.

This plastic barrier chain is an efficient safety solution for crowd control, queue formation, and limiting access to venues and VIP areas within a property.

The lightweight plastic chain fabricated from high-quality plastic, is UV resistant and is packed with enhanced durability for many applications, making it the perfect alternative to awkward looking and difficult to manage caution tape.

Our Stanchion Plastic Chains are Made in the USA and are available in a range of link sizes, lengths, and colors to suit your requirements.

Shop for the 2 Inch Plastic Chain in a box – 25 feet and more industry-leading crowd control products from Todoos and make your school more organized and kids friendly. Order today…

Top Event Security Tips to Consider – Control the crowd

The larger the crowd, the more likely it is that something can go wrong. You need to hire experienced staff who is comfortable with managing large groups and exerting authority when needed.

The event security team may need to perform the following for effective crowd management:

  • Continuously ask guests to move away if they’re blocking the exit.
  • Closely monitor the registration line to keep it organized and prevent people from cutting. (Using stanchions, yellow tape barriers, or cones is a great help here.)
  • Ensure guests don’t stray into staff-only areas or VIP reserved areas.
  • Ensure your ticket sales are in sync with the maximum capacity at the venue so as to ensure that the crowd in the venue never grows beyond the limit.
  • Do remember to count all staff and security personnel when keeping track of total numbers. Going overcapacity can result in fines from the venue owner.

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