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Mr. Chain 2.5″ Diameter School Crossing Plastic Stanchion (2 pack)

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Lightweight and portable, this 2.5-inch plastic school stanchion barrier allows you to quickly and easily create kid-safe zones for smoother drop-offs and pick-ups. These posts that you’ll connect together with plastic stanchion chains are also great at keeping your playground and restroom trips safer.

  • High-density polyethylene w/ UV protection for lasting quality
  • 41” tall when fully assembled
  • A 2.5-inch diameter pole
  • Weight: 4lbs when not filled with sand
  • 14″ refillable base
  • A refillable base can be easily filled with sand for added stability.
  • To be used with 1″, 1.5″, or 2″ plastic stanchion chains
  • Ball tops and C-hooks included
  • Lightweight and easy to use
Made in the USA

Description: Mr. Chain 2.5" Diameter School Crossing Plastic Stanchion (2 pack)

Watch this quick informative video to see exactly how our clients are using their stanchion posts and barriers to control the flow of their customers and patrons!


Lightweight and portable, this 2.5-inch plastic school stanchion barrier allows you to quickly and easily create kid-safe zones for smoother drop-offs and pick-ups. Multiple such plastic crowd control barriers can be connected together with plastic stanchion chains to make as long a barrier as you need.

Plastic Stanchion Base Comparison

Did you know there are 3 different types of plastic stanchions?
Stanchion Base Comparison

1. The Cone Base is more economical but less stable due to its smaller base area.

2. The Coin Base is the popular option and is designed to hold up to moderate use.

3. The Round Base is the most sturdy and durable due to its large base area.

The larger the stanchion base – the heavier and more stable it is.

Lightweight and portable, school stanchions can be used in a number of places:

  • Drop-off and pick-up areas
  • Hallways
  • Restrooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Reserved parking areas
  • Playgrounds
  • After school program play areas

School stanchion barriers offer parents peace of mind

As parents send their children to school, they implicitly assume that they will be protected and taken care of. The majority of schools realize that it’s critical to create a physical separation between students and any potential risks by using indoor and outdoor crowd control barriers.

Stanchions make it easier to form and manage lines

Keeping kids organized as they wait to be picked up after school is the key to smooth pick-ups. During such times, plastic crowd control barriers are essential to keeping children in organized safe lines to ensure there is no chaos, which can lead to accidents.

Features and benefits of school crossing stanchion:

  • Made of high-density polyethylene, the lightweight stanchion barriers protect against UV rays for years to come
    Stands 41” tall when assembled
  • Available in a striking safety green color
  • 2.2-inch Diameter Pole
  • Best used with 1”, 1.5”, or 2” size plastic stanchion chain
  • 14″ Base to fit the Pole
  • Refillable stanchion base can be filled with sand for added stability
  • Stanchion barrier poles come with ball tops, bases, poles, and C-hooks

Not quite what you were looking for?

If crowd control is what you’re after but school stanchions aren’t your style, we have a large collection of high-quality specialty safety stanchion models at your disposal. We highly recommend this wonderful contemporary stanchion for the school lobby area.

We will be glad to assist you in selecting from our wide selection of products at Todoos! Have a question about this stanchion barrier? Call to talk to a US Based Product Pro for personalized help finding the right product for your needs!

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