Plastic chain | 1.5" plastic chain in a box – 25' in variety of colors
1.5” Diameter Plastic Barrier Chain 25’ - In a Box
1.5” Diameter Plastic Barrier Chain 25’ - In a Box
1.5” Diameter Plastic Barrier Chain 25’ - In a Box
1.5” Diameter Plastic Chain - 25 Feet Diagram
1.5” Diameter Plastic Chain - 25 Feet Diagram
1.5 Inch Plastic Chain - 25 Feet Information

1.5” Diameter Plastic Barrier Chain 25’ – In a Box


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The 1.5 Inch Plastic Barrier Chain in a Box – 25 Feet we have every variety in every color of every size in stock and ready to ship!

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Description: 1.5” Diameter Plastic Barrier Chain 25’ - In a Box

Plastic Chain for stylish protection!

1.5 Inch Plastic Chain Specifications

1.5 Inch Plastic Chain Specifications

Plastic Chain | Style a convincing visual barrier with our 1.5 Inch Barrier Chain in a box – 25 feet.

This plastic chain is an efficient safety solution for crowd control, queue formation, and limiting access to venues and VIP areas within a property.

The lightweight chain, fabricated from high-quality plastic, is UV resistant and is packed with enhanced durability for many applications, making it the perfect alternative to awkward looking and difficult to manage caution tape.

An additional feature you must consider before making an informed decision is the fact that these plastic barrier chains never fade, rust or become brittle- thus delivering a longer life than many other crowd control measures.

Shop for the 1.5 Inch Plastic barrier Chain in a box – 25 feet and more industry-leading crowd control products from Todoos and make your school more organized and kids friendly. Order today…

We suggest A similar Red plastic barrier chain in a Pail that looks enticing in barrier setups.

Definitive tips for a safe and effective crowd management strategy:

Be aware that your venue will have a maximum capacity and plan accordingly – not only for those inside but even for guests queueing outside to get in.

If there is any probability that your event will reach (or exceed) capacity, then you must have a specific emergency plan in place to manage excess numbers. Make sure that your site is accessible for everyone, with all obligatory amenities and safe travel routes for wheelchairs and children.

Crowd Crushes are often referred to as stampedes but unlike true stampedes, they can cause many deaths. The density of a crowd in a particular area is more important than size. A density of four people per square meter is an alarming sign of danger, even if the crowd is not very large. Keeping a close watch at such gatherings and letting them know subtly is a proven way of avoiding harm’s way.

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