Wall mount retractable barrier | for securing warehouse isles!
Wall mount retractable barrier | for temporary closuring of warehouse isles

WallPro 400 (13’/15′)


  • 13’ and 15’ belt length options.
  • Tough ABS housing available with black or colored top and bottom caps to conceal screw mounts.
  • Sleek design suitable for factory and office environments.
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Made in the USA

Description: WallPro 400 (13'/15')

Wall mount retractable barrier

Designed for restricting access in medium-span applications, this unit is widely used with the magnetic mounting option for the temporary closing of warehouse isles when forklifts are in use.

This wall mount retractable barrier is ideal for confined spaces that usually see a large number of people simultaneously at particular times of a day- like an elevator shaft. You can choose to mount our WallPro 400 alongside the walls next to an elevator and open them at peak hours- like in the morning and evening.

Such a wall mount retractable barrier also delivers the ideal solution when you consider a place like a hospital reception that sees a continuous influx of people, which sometimes turns into a crowd necessitating multiple queues.

Select your ideal options for belt lengths, housing colors and belt color/pattern for the wall-mounted retractable belt barrier colors from the 3 dropdowns above.

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Additional Information

Housing Color

Black, Yellow

Belt Color / Pattern

Black, Caution Do Not Enter, Yellow Black

Belt Length

13', 15'


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