Wall mounted retractable belt barriers | ideal for short-span queues!

WallPro 300 (7.5’/10′)


  • 7.5’ and 10’ belt length options.
  • Tough ABS housing available in a variety of colors.
  • Compact design will not create a create an obstruction in restricted spaces.
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Description: WallPro 300 (7.5'/10')

Wall mounted retractable belt barriers

WallPro 300 is ideal for short-span applications such as cash register aisles, elevators, hallways, and doors.

Designed for restricting access in medium span applications, often used with the magnetic mounting option to temporarily close warehouse isles when forklifts are in use.

Wall mounted retractable belt barriers are your best bet when you are looking to restrict access to a crowd in smaller and cramped spaces. Take for example the ticket window at a theater- there isn’t big enough space to place conventional stanchions so a wall-mounted retractable belt barrier comes as a real knight in shining armor at such places. The best part is they are as effective in forming a queue as their bigger and more famous brothers- the stanchion posts.

Select your ideal options for belt lengths, housing colors and belt color/pattern for the wall mounted retractable belt barrier colors from the 3 dropdowns above.

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Event Security Tips to Consider: Know the venue inside and out

You should also know how “porous” the venue is. Porous here refers to any secret entrance or compromised way that someone could get inside without using actual entry points. This could be a back door for staff, or a window that can be opened from the outside.

Identify all venue entry points and make sure all personnel is aware of them. Creating an illustration and can share it with your team to give them a visual understanding.

If the venue is outdoors, mark clear boundaries where the event perimeter begins and ends. Temporary fencing and barricades can help in this endeavor.

Additional Information

Belt Lengths

7.5', 10'

Housing Color

Black, Red

Belt Color / Pattern

Black, Caution Do Not Enter, Yellow Black


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