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Retractable Belt Stanchion with Extra Wide 3" Belt

Retractable Belt Stanchion with Extra Wide 3″ Belt


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Description: Retractable Belt Stanchion with Extra Wide 3" Belt

Increase Your Queue Line Visibility with Our NEW 3 Inch Belt Crowd Control Stanchion

We’ve outfitted our retractable belt crowd control stanchion with an extra-wide 3-inch belt. This belt is 1 and a half the size of a standard retractable belt barrier. Choose from a variety of post finishes and belt colors.Retractable Belt Barrier Xtra 3 Inch Belt Size

This extra-wide stanchion is 1.5 times the size of a standard belt stanchion, which makes it perfect to customize with your branding or personalized message. 

Custom silkscreen and dye sublimation belt printing is inexpensive and allows pictures, company logos, messages and more to be displayed crisply and clearly on these 3” belt stanchions. Silk screening is for text or logos containing only one color. Dye sublimation can accommodate any combination of colors and designs for about the same expense.

Custom Retractable Belt Advertising means that you are charging a fee for advertisement space on your equipment from brands who want your audience to see their brand in your space.

The high quality of the belt means that our brand messaging will not fade or wear off. It’s also incredibly easy to set up and portable so you can create instant crowd flow and consumer lines anywhere outdoor and in. Some great ways to use this product are:

Stand out from the Competition: 

Add a level of class and sophistication by showcasing your brand and large shows and events where you need to stand out from competitors. Surround your booth or area with your own portable crowd control stanchions to outclass your competition. 

Allow Big Sponsors to Shine at Events:

If you were a company or sponsor, would you pay to have the opportunity of advertising where crowds of people gather, slow down, stop and wait? Of course, you would and many do every day!

Big brands know that Brand Awareness brings a tangible return on investment. It makes generating sales easier, improves customer satisfaction, and helps foster relationships that promote growth and even fosters brand ambassadors who are eager to share their experience with your brand to friends and family. 

Critical Event Organization Information:

Are you creating VIP areas, separating attendees or members by levels or organizing events that need to create specific groups of people? Let your custom printed stanchions do the hard work for you. 

Create areas that are clearly labeled for each type of ticket holder and membership level so that your customers automatically know where they belong. This instantly allows people to self-organize and saves you the hassle of hiring someone to direct traffic. 

Purchase a Variety of Printed Replacement Cassettes to Swap as Needed
Once you have your stanchions then you can swap out your customized belts as needed. This allows you to adjust your needs to the specific events and their sponsors in a budget-friendly smart way. 

Affordable and Long Lasting! 

All of our stanchions are of the highest quality and are designed to stand the test of time and to both heavy indoor and outdoor use. They’re weighted so that they will stand up to heavy use and outdoor elements. They are super easy to assemble and require no tools. They’re incredibly easy to use and set up so that anyone can manage them as needed. 

Call us today so that we can show you how your custom crowd control stanchion can work for you! 

Height: 40”
Weight: 20lbs
Post OD: 2.5”
Base Diameter: 14”
Construction: Post-steel/stainless steel. Base – galvanized steel/concrete
Floor Protector: Full Coverage
Belt Width: 3” Xtra
Belt Lengths: 8.5’ Standard, 11’ Option
Belt Printing: Screen and dye sublimation printing of messages and logos available
Packaging: Ships flat, packed or assembled
Assembly: Simple assembly, no tools required


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