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Historically, steel crowd control barriers have been used for crowd management since the 1980s. All of our barriers are built to meet the highest quality standards. We recommend that you contact us if you’re looking for steel barriers that match your existing inventory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Steel and Plastic Barriers must be ordered at a minimum of 10 barricades for shipping and product integrity purposes.

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Description: Crowd Control Steel Barrier

Galvanized Steel Crowd Control Barriers

This steel barrier comes in both 6.5’ and 8’ lengths. It’s 3’ tall and is designed to interlock with this same style of barrier on both ends. The interlocking mechanism is a simple drop into place design that makes these steel crowd control barriers easy to use and easy to move. 

Combining multiple of these steel barriers offers cost-effective and highly efficient perimeter protection for controlling foot traffic and creating safe zones for large crowds.

Besides providing physical barriers, steel crowd control barriers also provide a strong psychological deterrent to pedestrians by clearly defining where they are permitted to move.

Steel barriers are widely used to manage crowds seamlessly and are designed in such a way that they can be interlocked to create a formidable control structure that cannot be broken down out of order.

Crowd control barriers can be quickly and easily placed between pedestrian traffic and possible hazards so that employees, visitors, and the general public are protected at public events and festivals.

A row of steel barriers is a common sight at airports, sporting venues, and even on streets during demonstrations or celebrations.

The Todoos steel crowd control barriers are designed specifically for crowd management in traffic-heavy environments. Crowd control barricades are usually used in outdoor settings, which means they need to withstand rain and cold and remain rust-free to ensure a long lifespan.

Galvanized Steel Crowd Control Barriers

Steel Crowd Control Barriers

As a result of hot-dip galvanizing after fabrication, our heavy-gauge steel barricades are able to be placed outside or even stored there without any corrosion threat. 

Steel is best protected with hot-dip galvanizing, which means your crowd control steel barriers will last longer. Simply painting a barrier will not prevent it from rusting.

Why Hot Dipped Galvanized Barriers are Worth the Investment

A majority of our steel barriers have been in use for decades.

Several police departments, municipal bodies and private event organizers choose our crowd control steel barriers when they want a top-quality product.

The Classic vs Standard Steel Crowd Control Barrier

Steel barriers are available in 2 finishes: Standard and classic, with Classic being the best seller due to its heavyweight, strength and durability.

The primary difference between the Classic and Standard steel crowd control barriers is the wall thicknesses. The Classic barrier has more steel and is heavier but more durable, thus it is ideal for frequent use.

Advantages of Todoos Crowd Control Steel Barriers

Steel Crowd Control Barriers

At both ends, male hooks are inserted into the frame and welded to it.

This results in hooks that last much longer than single-welded hooks.

Vertical BarsVertical bars (Uprights) are inserted into frames before welding.

Inserting the bars before welding is a superior technique to spot welding (which results in easier breakage).




Saddle-Cut WeldsSaddle-Cut WeldsSaddle-Cut Welds

A saddle-cut welding process is much stronger and more durable than simple spot welding.

Steel barrier gate | The blockader barrier that secures your site or eventBolt-On Replaceable BasesBolt-On Replaceable Bases

Enables easy replacement – simply replace the base of the barrier and not the entire barrier itself.

16 Gauge Steel in Both the Frames and the Bases16 Gauge Steel in Both the Frames and the Bases

The stronger steel prevents the barrier from deteriorating and distorting, without adding excess weight to the barrier.

Size & Base Options for Steel crowd control barriers 

  • Classic crowd control barriers are available in three sizes: 3ft, 6.5ft, and 8ft.
  • There are several barrier base options available – with the bridge base and flat base being the most popular types.

Crowd Control Barrier Base Options

There are four main types of replaceable bases: flat bases, bridge bases, U bases, and wheel bases, each of which has advantages in different situations.

Traditional Base Bridge

Traditional Bridge Base for Steel crowd control barriers

  • The most popular base style since the invention of steel barriers
  • Provides the best resistance to “push” by crowds at events such as fairs and festivals
  • Maximum stability on uneven surfaces
  • Each barrier has one large base and one small base
  • This allows all four points of the base to “dig in” and remain in constant contact with the ground
  • Accommodates placement of barriers in both a straight line and at various angles

Flat Base

Steel Barrier Flat Feet

  • Second most popular base style
  • Ideal for use as a portable pedestrian railing in situations where crowds will be walking parallel to barriers
  • Used by New York City Department of Transportation to divert pedestrians around construction sites
  • Rubber inserts provide additional friction and reduce sliding
  • Features holes for semi-permanent anchoring

U Base

Steel crowd control barriers U Base

  • A new design similar to the traditional bridge base
  • Provides excellent four-point stability
  • Originally utilized by France’s Interior Department
  • Rubber stoppers help protect the floor during indoor use and reduce sliding

Wheel Base

  • Makes steel crowd control barriers easier to move
  • Ideal for areas where constant lifting or moving occurs (such as parking lots)


Barrier Insert

  • Available for use as an alternative to a base on the female end of a barrier
  • Standard on the female end of 1-meter barriers
  • Allow barriers to be placed at angles (particularly when flat bases are utilized

Looking for Replacement Bases For Your Barriers?

Crowd Control bases have been the industry standard for 25 years. The base styles described above are in stock and will result in a proper fit for almost all existing styles of barriers. 

However, some discontinued frame variations may not accommodate the standard base styles. In most cases, we can deliver a workable replacement base to you.

Contact us if you would like assistance obtaining bases for “orphan” barriers.

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A True Interlocking Crowd Control Barrier

Interlocking Barriers

A More Secure Crowd Control System

Interlocking steel barriers are designed to create a line of barriers by locking them together, so they cannot be easily broken down out of order.  The Male hook of the barrier locks into place once inserted into the female hook.

Todoos strives to deliver high-quality crowd control solutions to the doorstep of our customers. Please choose a size, base and style you’d like for ordering steel crowd control barriers from the dropdown above.

Additional Information


3 Foot, 6.5 Foot, 8 Foot


3.5 ft

Base Type

Bridge Base, Flat Base


Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel

Wall Thickness

16 gauge, 18 gauge

Barrier Style

Classic (16 gauge steel), Standard (18 gauge steel)

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