Steel Barricade - Pre-Galvanized Barrier 8′ / 18 Gauge
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Steel Barricade – Pre-Galvanized Barrier 8′ / 18 Gauge



These Galvanized Steel Barricades make great Temporary Road Safety Guardrail options:

Also known as a traffic safety barrier. These are steel safety galvanized type barriers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Steel and Plastic Barriers must be ordered at a minimum of 10 barricades for shipping and product integrity purposes.

Description: Steel Barricade - Pre-Galvanized Barrier 8′ / 18 Gauge

Our NEW steel barricade/barrier option is the most cost-effective steel barrier on the market!

Our galvanized steel barricades measure eight feet in length and are made of 18 gauge steel featuring a pre-galvanized finish to prevent rust. You can choose from two separate foot types on your barricades: flat or bridge. 

These steel barriers could be used to contribute to better pedestrian and road safety. With their pre-galvanized finish, they could also be used around construction sites and handle the outdoors/weather with ease.

Steel safety barriers provide a highly visual guard against traffic, restricting pedestrian or motorized access to areas that may be hazardous, dangerous, or which must be controlled for safety.

Directing Crowd Flow is the most common use of these steel barricades today as Barriers are ideal for directing crowds of people. Using a barrier to cordon off a hazardous area can keep pedestrians far away from danger, but even if there are no hazards, barriers can reduce confusion and keep crowds moving smoothly and quickly in the desired direction. We are starting to see this more and more in roadways now as these galvanized solutions become more commonplace!

Steel Barrier solutions like this promise to offer the road construction industry a revolutionary temporary or permanent barrier solution as an alternative solution to the traditional concrete barrier. This also means providing superior protection through the galvanization process from weather and erosion. These steel barricades are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and offer long-term sustainability that can last longer than a lifespan of 50+ years.

In addition, steel barriers contribute to better pedestrian and road safety by reducing the severity impact level during an impact.


1. Pre-galvanized to resist rusting (also called mill galvanizing)

2. 18 gauge steel tubing to save weight

3. Totally compatible with all barriers

4. Choice of bridge or flat base

Description: 8′ Steel Barricade, 18 gauge, Pre-Galvanized. Flat Feet.

Merriam Webster : barriers  =  something (such as a fence or natural obstacle) that prevents or blocks movement from one place to another.




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