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Tensabarrier 307 Hitching Post – Heavy Duty Rope Barrier Stanchion

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Crafted beautifully out of solid, light oak, the wooden post rests on a cast iron base of 9.75” and speaks volumes about your choices! This stanchion sits 40.5” high and has a 2.5” diameter post boasting extreme durability and unique design.

  • Solid, light oak standing 40.5” tall with a 2.5” diameter square post
  • 9.75” cast iron base with the name Tensabarrier stamped on each base
  • A sleek cast iron black ball top and black hooks for attaching ropes
  • Dismantling is fast and easy, making it easy to store and transport

Description: Tensabarrier 307 Hitching Post - Heavy Duty Rope Barrier Stanchion

Watch this quick informative video to see exactly how our clients are using their stanchion posts and barriers to control the flow of their customers and patrons!


Nothing compares to the classiness of and luxury of finely crafted wood stanchions. The quality of these wooden stanchions looks upscale and makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Recreate a classic look from the wild west with wooden stanchions

Wooden stanchions will take your settings up to the next level – wild west style! The hitching wood posts are designed with a fresh perspective to embrace the old world without compromising on the safety and security offered by a tough retractable rope barrier.

The safety of visitors at your facility remains the same

The red carpet stanchions not just look beautiful, they work as well as any other barrier! 

That’s why they are a perfect fit for a variety of businesses including hotels, movie theaters, casinos and virtually every enterprise that promises its customers complete security while delivering an indulgent experience.

Compatible with a variety of stanchion ropes

These attractive rope stanchions are accented with stylish black cast iron hooks that look great with multiple types of plush ropes:

Features and benefits of wooden stanchions

  • Built out of solid, light oak wood, the square posts are 40.5” tall and 2.5” in diameter 
  • 9.75” cast iron base with brand name Tensabarrier stamped on each base, just as you would expect at a ranch
  • A sleek cast iron black ball top and black hooks for attaching ropes
  • Storage is quick and easy as they can be assembled and disassembled within minutes
  • The perfect backdrop for Michelin star restaurants, concert halls, nightclubs, hotel lobbies and similar posh settings
  • Compatible with a variety of stanchion ropes including Velour and Naugahyde ropes
  • The rustic and refined look creates an impression of a western rodeo

Not sure if this is the right decorative stanchion for you?

In case you aren’t convinced this is the right stanchion set for you, make sure to check out our complete line of rope stanchions

Maybe premium is on your mind? Remember to check out our Premium Stanchions for an exquisite combination of safety and luxury.

And if you’re looking for the best bulk price possible for wooden stanchions give us a call to talk to one of our U.S.-based Product Pros to get personalized support.


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