Red Stanchion Rope Velour | Give guests a red carpet welcome!
Red Stanchion Rope Velour | Welcome guests with a red carpet every time
Red Stanchion Rope Velour | Welcome guests with a red carpet every time

1.5″ Diameter Velour Ropes – Used for Rope Barriers


  • 1.5″ diameter.
  • Heavy-duty cotton core for smooth, even drape.
  • Plush velour covers available in eight colors.
  • Standard or heavy-duty snap ends and hook ends options.
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Description: 1.5" Diameter Velour Ropes – Used for Rope Barriers

Red stanchion rope makes a stanchion look luxurious.

The heavy-duty cotton core construction of this rope provides a smooth even drape between stanchions. The plush velour ropes are available in a choice of eight colors and can be supplied with either snap or hook ends.

Velour Ropes for stanchions offer a practical alternative to luxurious velvet red stanchion rope while delivering the same effective crowd control system.

Our stanchion velour ropes come in industry-standard 4’ and 8’ lengths, in classy black and polished chrome finishes.

You must have noticed posts with opulent velvet red stanchion rope at VIP areas in banks, airports, or perhaps even on TV at a red carpet event. Well, you can choose to buy those velvet ropes too. However, if you are looking at a low-priced alternate, velour ropes can be the seamless companions for your retractable belt barriers. They look just as elegant and no one can tell the difference!

Our low price barrier velour ropes are ideal for creating variable crowd control systems in high volume, heavy traffic areas.

Colorful stanchion velour rope accessories like the rope end types go a long way in making a positive impact in your customers’ hearts.

Please choose the right options for velour rope length, rope end type, rope end finish, and velour rope color from the 4 dropdowns above.

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Pro Tip: Is there anything you can do to prevent a crowd from losing control?

Make Sure You’ve Got access to trained security.

This is the most important detail you can possibly stick to for crowd control, and no event should be organized without trained security staff on hand. Seriously, if you’re thinking of arranging an event without security guards, it would be better for everyone that you abandon those dreams.

Additional Information

Rope Length

4', 8'

Rope End Type

Standard Snap End

Rope End Finish

Black, Polished Chrome

Velour Rope Color

Red, Black, Blue


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