Floor standing sign holder - 6Ft | Raise your sign's visibility!

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6′ Floor Standing Sign Holder

Our 6′ Signage Stand raises your sign above the crowd for visibility from a distance. The floor standing sign holder has a two-piece construction that allows for compact packaging and low freight costs.
  • Height: 72″
  • Weight: 27 lb.
  • Post OD: 2.5″
  • Base OD: 14″
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Description: Sign Stands

Our sign stands are much like a photo frame if you were to add a pole on a solid cast iron base to it. This makes for enhanced visibility from greater distances. Available in many vertical and horizontal frame sizes; our sign stand is 6 feet in height, weighs 27 lbs and can display large 22” X 28” posters too! 

Floor Standing Sign Holder | These are available with a full range of frames up to 22″ x 28″ poster size. The Sign Stand range features heavy-duty frames and posts with a solid cast iron base ensuring maximum durability. The frame can accept 1/4″ thick material and is supplied with clear acrylic inserts for use with lightweight posters.

Use the 6′ Floor Standing Sign Holder to raise your sign’s visibility for the crowds allowing it to be easily seen even from a distance.

The sign stands are available in a range of frame heights from 7″ X 11″ vertical to 22″ X 28″ (Horizontal), giving you the freedom to communicate your messages in a size you prefer.

Todoos’ Sign Stand range features heavy-duty frames with a solid cast iron base that ensures maximum endurance. The frame can accept 1/4″ thick material and is supplied with clear UV ultraviolet-resistant acrylic inserts for use with lightweight posters.

The heavier pedestal can resist strong winds effectively and protects your floor due to its excellent production quality.

Our sign stands offer the perfect solution for trade exhibitions, business conferences, events, concerts, schools and other such places where you will like to broadcast messages for an assembly of people. Our signage stands are suitable in both types of locations, Indoor or outdoor.

You can never go wrong with Todoos. Fill your cart and checkout to begin crowd control before next week.

Professional Crowd Control Management Technique: MAKE YOUR SIGNAGE CONSISTENT

Consistency helps smooth out your customers’ wayfinding journey by reducing confusion. Additionally, the This-Way sign is a perfect opportunity to showcase your brand; by keeping your signs uniform in color scheme, font, design, and tone, you can present a clear, integrated company image to all visitors.

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Frame Size

7" X 11" (Vertical), 8.5" X 11" (Vertical), 11" X 14" (Vertical), 14" X 22" (Vertical), 22" X 28" (Vertical), 7" X 11" (Horizontal), 8.5" X 11" (Horizontal), 11" X 14" (Horizontal), 14" X 22" (Horizontal), 22" X 28" (Horizontal)


Dome, Flat


Black, Polished Stainless


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