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Dual Belted Steel Retractable Belt Barrier


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The dual belt steel retractable belt barrier provides maximum control over large crowds.

  • The ADA compliant stanchion measures 40″ when standing on its base
  • The post’s diameter is 2.5”
  • Construction
    • Post– steel/stainless steel
    • Base– galvanized steel/concrete
  • Base Diameter: 14”
  • Comes with a 2” stanchion belt
  • Packaging: Ships unassembled
  • Assembly: Simple assembly, no tools required
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Description: Dual Belted Steel Retractable Belt Barrier

Watch this quick informative video to see exactly how our clients are using their stanchion posts and barriers to control the flow of their customers and patrons!


The 2.5″ diameter stainless steel retractable belt barrier stands 40” tall when assembled. The galvanized steel base measures 14” in diameter and is prefilled with concrete to increase stability. These crowd control stanchions can be used with a standard 2” size belt and a belt set of 11’ is included.

These dual-line retractable belt barriers are designed for the highest level of safety. The lower belt prevents line ducking and helps meet ADA regulations. Select from the two gorgeous post-finish options and six belt color choices to match your facility’s décor.

Dual Line Retractable Belt Stanchion

In addition to preventing pedestrians from ducking under the belt, the lower belt keeps children in line and is particularly useful in guiding the visually impaired using a cane. 

This stanchion complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) because the bottom belt is an optimal 27″ from the ground. The bottom belt is easily replaceable, thanks to the unique two-piece construction.

Dual-line retractable belt barriers demand line order

It is hard to imagine what a few carefully positioned steel crowd control barriers can do to your anxiety levels!

A couple of 2.5” diameter retractable belt barriers are perfect for keeping crowds under control in any indoor setting. The dual belt ensures safety twice over as it restricts line ducking while also providing the functionality of keeping children under control in a line. 

Crowd control has never looked so good! 

Posts and belts are available in multiple colors to match your venue interior. The stainless steel or black post options make these retractable belt barriers perfect for high-end events. Two appealing post-finish options and six belt colors ensure that your crowd control stanchions will look great in any setting.

Lower Belt Cassettes - Retractable Stanchions For Sale Retractable Stanchions For Sale - Circumference Floor Protector
Easy replacement of lower belt cassettes
Full Circumference Floor Protector

Two belts mean twice as much protection!

Retractable belt barriers with two belts are particularly useful for containing peak crowds at banks, airports, indoor sports venues, entertainment arenas, concerts, theaters, etc. 

Features and benefits of the widely used steel retractable belt barrier

  • ADA compliant steel crowd control barriers are an excellent choice for indoor spaces
  • 2.5” diameter post, 40” tall 
  • Posts are available in two colors: Satin stainless steel and Black
  • Comes with 2″ stanchion belts
  • Belts are available in 6 options: Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black/Yellow Chevron and Red/White Chevron
  • Especially useful as a protective barrier in indoor settings such as offices, lobbies, terminals, art galleries and other such places
  • 14” stanchion bases are galvanized steel and filled with concrete for additional stability 
  • Ships flat-packed or assembled

Are these the right stanchions for you?

In case this is not the right stanchion set for you, make sure to check out our wide selection of retractable belt barriers.

As well, if you’re interested in the lowest bulk rate for retractable belt barriers, give us a call to talk to one of our U.S.-based Product Pros to get personalized support.


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