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875 Popular Wall Stanchion


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The 875 Popular Wall Stanchion (with retractable belt) is a great choice for sites looking for an economical, practical line management system. It is ideal for high-traffic areas.

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The 875 Popular Wall Stanchion is a functional, easy-to-assemble, cost-effective stanchion. This practical stanchion is ideal for areas with high traffic levels.

  • UPVC post features 2m of retractable belt.
  • Stanchions available in all Plastic Post colors.
  • Accommodates the full range of sign holders & leaflet dispensers.
  • Magnetic tape ends are available on all Wall Units

875 Stanchion Color Options:

Black Tensator Stanchion Blue Tensator Stanchion Red Tensator Stanchion White Tensator Stanchion Yellow Tensator Stanchion

Additional information

Belt Size

13 Ft, 7.6 Ft

Post Finish

Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow

Belt Style

Authorize Only, Black, Black & Yellow, Blue, Brown, Caution – Do Not Enter, Danger Keep Out, ESD protected area, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Magenta/Yellow, Orange, Receiver, Red, Red & White, White, Yellow


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