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Barricade Cover | 2 Meter in Solid Colors

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Description: Barricade Cover | 2 Meter in Solid Colors

Our barrier jacket easily slides over crowd control barriers due to its high-quality vinyl material. The extra-strong Velcro tabs located on the custom barricade covers also securely attach to their frame for a sleek and unified look. In addition to protecting your barriers from the elements, our barrier jackets can also be used as advertisement space.

Custom barricade covers like our 2-meter solid barrier jackets are both easy to use and serve multiple purposes.

The jackets are designed to easily slip over your barrier and secure onto its frame with extra-strong Velcro tabs giving a unified clean look.

The variety of colors available can be used to support safety needs. For example, you could use yellow for areas that require caution, red for areas that require people to stay away or avoid danger, and green to highlight a safe zone as seen in large arenas during disaster recovery efforts.

In arenas, they’re often used to section out specific areas across the expanse of the floor for things like first aid, penalty boxes, or special VIP seating. Regardless of the need, a custom barricade cover can be the perfect solution to provide the most visible messaging wherever it’s needed.

It is expected to see these custom barricade jackets used at concerts, local fairs, events, or even conference centers to assist in the guidance of traffic flow or to present messaging that provides directions for that traffic flow in a more visible and engaging manner. Chances are you have seen them so often that you become used to them, another reason to spice them up with your own unique message or design.

These barrier jackets are made from durable materials that hold up against the worst conditions inside or out, most jackets are made from Snyder premium vinyl material. So if you have queue ways that are outdoors or in less desirable areas they are going to hold up to pretty much any demands you put on them.

It is not uncommon to see companies use these covers to cleverly promote their company name or logo with contact information on their job sites either, be it construction or roadworks. This gives people the ability to report things they witness good or bad to you giving you extra eyes. It gives an audience a way to simply contact you for a similar project after witnessing your work and onsite advertising also.

Barrier jackets or barricade covers are used to mask things from the public as well. Something you would see where a prize is hidden or even an animal in livestock or rodeo settings. There is no event that is without barrier covers to meet some of its needs and there are no messaging needs a barrier jacket can’t meet given a little creative thought.

It is true that these barricade covers or barrier jackets can prove to be worth far more than their already low cost as premiere advertising space in almost any setting.

Minimum order of 3 required.

Jacket Measurement Guide

Jacket Measurement Guide
Note: Once your barrier jacket order is placed, you can expect a call from a Customer Service Representative who will verify the dimensions of your current barricades, to ensure the perfect fit.

Some event organizers are firm about not allowing any type of advertising at their venues, however, they still require protection for their barricades to extend the lifetime of these products. Our heavy-duty barrier jackets are ready and able to protect your investment.

Once again, a reminder that our high-demand rugged barrier jackets are made out of durable premium vinyl material, available in a wide variety of color options.

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Beige (455), Black, Brown (497), Cool Grey (8), Dark Blue (302), E.B. Grey (421), Forest Green (3435), Fuchsia (205), Kelly Green (3425), Marine Blue (291), Maroon (188), Navy Blue (289), Orange (165), Purple (2685), Red (201), Turquoise (3135), White, Yellow (116)


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