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896 Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Stanchion – Black Finish


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Description: 896 Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Stanchion - Black Finish

896 Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Retractable Barrier with 7’6 ft. or 13 ft. Retractable Belt

The heavy-duty wall-mounted stanchion is made up of metal, black, and cylindrical casing for the belt to feed out of. This is connected to a plate designed to secure it to a wall. The belt then can extend or retract to allow or prevent access to specific areas.

Our wall-mounted stanchions come with a selection of two belt sizes; 7’6” or 13’. Thanks to its black powdered metal body, it looks superbly elegant and can be easily mounted on any structure- walls, pipes, posts, racks, shelves- virtually anywhere! 

Great value stylish metal wall mounted retractable barrier is available with a 7′ 6″ or 13′ belt extension.

  • Wall unit available in a range of colors and plain, chevron or printed message webbing options
  • All printed messages are printed on both sides of the webbing
  • Perfect for situations where you want a flexible retractable barrier without taking up any floor space
  • Patented Tensator centrifugal braking system
  • Standard and Panic Break Belt End comes with 898 Wall Receiver
  • No minimum order quantities

Wall mounted retractable barriers provide a space-saving method of controlling crowds and protecting restricted areas. More traditional stanchions require floor space that simply isn’t always available. By using a wall mounted retractable barrier you get the same highly visible guidance without a floor footprint for areas like hallways, doorways and stairways. 

They’re highly popular because once you’ve installed them on the wall they can instantly restrict access to an area and then once ready, they are opened and blend into the wall unnoticed. 

Wall-mounted retractable barriers are belts that extend and retract to create instant barriers to areas. They can also be color coordinated to carpeting, walls or drapery to blend into the area for a more stylish look.

Color considerations for security reasons can also be applied to make it clear that an area is restricted vs. temporarily not open or available for use. When acting as a visual barrier for OSHA requirements for instance, “safety yellow” is the recommended choice. Orange belts on the other hand tend to warn of dangerous machinery.

Often these wall barriers are placed to control pedestrian traffic flow and restrict access on an as-required basis in these smaller areas. 

Unlike traditional stanchions, these wall stanchions allow you to mount retractable belts directly to your walls, pipes, posts, racks, shelves giving you far more control over smaller spaces that require restrictions.

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Additional Information

Mounting Option

Standard, Magnetic, Removeable

Belt Size

7'6", 13'

Belt End Option

Standard, Magnetic, Panic Break, Wire Clip

Belt Color

Black, Black / Yellow Chevron, Brown, Blue, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Magenta / Yellow Chevron, Orange, Red, Red / White Chevron, White, Yellow, AUTHORIZED ACCESS ONLY (White Lettering on Red Belt), CAUTION – DO NOT ENTER (Black Lettering on Yellow Belt), DANGER – KEEP OUT (Black Lettering on Yellow Belt), ESD Protected Area


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