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Rochester Rotational Molding  

Crowd Control Barricades From Rochester Rotational Molding

Rochester Rotational Molding (RRM) is a well-known manufacturer of rotationally molded plastic products like their crowd control barricades. A long-standing member of the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) RRM is one of Todoos product partners that meets our exacting standards as a reliable and quality-driven vendor with products made right here in the U.S.A. 

Rotational Molding (or Rotomolding) is often used for parts that require high-quality finishes, uniform wall thicknesses, and high stability. RRM boasts an exceptional quality assurance staff that monitors and checks every molded product they produce to ensure they meet the RRM seal of approval and exceed any customer’s quality standards. 

This manufacturing company has developed a reputation for its dedication to the research, development and design of custom traffic control solutions that are effective and affordable stretching back to the 1990s.

By dealing directly with this manufacturer, Todoos are assured of getting their latest products at competitive prices and in a timely manner, a benefit our customers enjoy. You will find one of the company’s cornerstone products, crowd control barriers available here on Todoos and for a great price!

Crowd Control Barricades

Rochester Rotational Molding’s plastic barricades are sophisticated, seamless plastic products designed to direct, control, and block the flow of pedestrian traffic, vehicles, and act as a safety deterrent in other potentially hazardous situations. 

The following are some possible applications:

  • Crowd control • Construction zones • Traffic control
  • Airports • Parking lots • Guard units
  • Race tracks • Special events • Troop protection
  • Site perimeter protection • Border patrol

Todoos is always proud to represent product lines developed here at home in the USA including the line of crowd control barricades from Rochester Rotational Molding.

At Todoos each product will come with two levels of verification.

  1. We are holding every supplier responsible. They must stand 100% behind any of the products and services that we list in our store.
  2. Any product, vendor or service that carries the Todoos.com name, will be personally vetted and examined by a Todoos.com Product-Pro.


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