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Plasticade We love Plasticade’s amazingly simple philosophy – Create Awareness. Increase Safety. Build Sales. It is fascinating to think that the simplest of business visions can inspire practically every American business to do good and earn well!

Plasticade is a family-owned, internationally recognized manufacturer and provider of plastics and recycled rubber products. Founded in 1954 as the American Louver Company, Plasticade manufactures industry-leading traffic safety and signage solutions that are engineered for high-performance and are built to last.

The company specializes in visibility products that increase public and worker safety, including MASH-approved roadway work zone products such as orange traffic cones or a traffic delineator, recycled rubber traffic and safety products, as well as innovative sign frames and signage solutions under the Signicade brand for advertising and marketing. Additionally, they manufacture and market HVAC products under the American Louver® brand.

Among its most popular products are traffic safety products and sign frames.

Plasticade Traffic Delineator

The traffic safety products from Plasticade help to ensure the safety and efficiency of construction personnel as well as drivers and pedestrians in construction zones. Across their product spectrum, they offer traffic cones, traffic delineators, and barriers that direct traffic and safeguard workers while encouraging visibility and mobility during construction.

As these products are made from highly durable plastic polymers, they can withstand repeated vehicle impacts as well as adverse weather conditions.

Signicade Sign FramesPlasticade sign frames are preferred for their durability, affordability, and versatility by businesses all across the country. With many styles, sizes, and vibrant colors available, there’s sure to be one that meets your needs here at Todoos. 

Plasticade signs will boost your message loudly and clearly in shopping malls, restaurants, trade shows, parking lots and commercial areas, as well as many other places.

Todoos is thrilled to be associated with Plasticade and introduce their top-notch range of merchandise such as the traffic delineator and sign frames to our customers. Call us with your ideas and one of our US-based representatives will assist you in selecting Plasticade products that will fit your needs!

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