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Okono Corporation

OkonoOkono Corporation is a well-known organization that efficiently buys, stores and sells different types of metal products focused on crowd control barriers and safety products such as steel barricades, rope stanchions and retractable belt stanchions are their major offerings. They deal in the process of safety product supply transfers that are executed globally with a steady supply.

The core industry focus is the distribution of different types of fancy metal supplies, crowd control products and other safety manufactures. The international distribution channel of large safety-related products is perfectly managed by this company, which is the sole reason its reputation is acknowledged globally.

Here at Todoos.com, we are always on the lookout for competitive suppliers within their market and look to establish relationships with long-standing companies. This brings lesser risk to you as the client because established companies stand behind their products and have a better history of quality control. All their products are stocked within our warehouse and ready to be shipped to you efficiently and swiftly.

Okono Corporation is an expert in the North American market for fabricated metals solutions and our long-standing relationship with them will allow you to tap into this particular market with relative ease.

Okono also offers wholesale distribution suppliers of steel tubing and components, i.e., crowd control barriers, steel barriers and railings. Additionally, they also deal with the import services of different products into metals safely and effectively within the region. This allows them to continue to expand their product offerings here at Todoos.com

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After wasting countless dollars and hours on cheap knockoffs, we’re all looking for products that can adhere to one simple claim: “Will perform exactly as stated”. No exceptions, special conditions, or fine print. At Todoos each product will come with two levels of verification.

  1. We are holding every supplier responsible. They must stand 100% behind any of their products and services that we list in our store.
  2. Any product, vendor or service that carries the Todoos.com name, will be personally vetted and examined by a Todoos.com Product-Pro.

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