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Georgia Expo Manufacturing CompanyGeorgia Expo is the authority on everything Pipe and Drape! A pipe and drape kit is more than a versatile decorating solution! Creative designers use this unimaginably simple package to transform a drab space into a breathtaking celebration.

Established in 1986, Georgia Expo provides a complete line of pipe, drape and pipe and drape stand event equipment.

They manufacture and distribute all types of exhibition products including Pipe, Drape, Retractable Crowd Control Barriers, Easels, Stanchion Carts, Stanchion Accessories, Storage Solutions, Sign Holder Stand and more! Its outstanding quality, affordable prices, and superior customer service have made Georgia Expo popular and respected throughout the country.

Pipe and Drape kits are only constrained by your imagination! An imaginative customer who is planning an event or needs a space to be decorated can use pipes and drapes to conjure up a fantasy land within their budget.

Examples Of Pipe And Drape Event Products

Georgia Expo delivers a wide variety of crowd control solutions, hardware, sign products, etc., ensuring their products are always in demand from diverse industries such as:

  • Trade Show Organizers
  • Party Rental Services
  • Event and Wedding Planners
  • Banquet and reception halls
  • Civic Centers and Convention Centers
  • Playgrounds and Theme Parks
  • Schools and Universities
  • Churches and Community Centers
  • Hotels and Conference Centers
  • Fairs and Festivals
  • Theater and Movie Companies

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