Crowd Control Barriers - Monetizing your barriers to work for you!

Crowd Control Barriers – Monetizing your barriers to work for you!

Barriers need not be barriers to profits! Crowd Control Barriers, in addition to providing a physical separation, can also be accessorized and monetized to serve other useful purposes. Ideally, every piece of equipment can find a way to pay for itself and when possible get to work actually making you money! Stanchions and barriers are no different, there are many ways to monetize your crowd control products and we will start sharing ideas with these 2 types of Barriers below:

Accessories to monetize your Steel Crowd Control Barriers

The steel crowd control barriers can be accessorized by using banners and barrier jackets to print advertisements on them. This will be a tremendous value add to your ordinary-looking steel barriers as it will rev up the look of the entire scene as well as make your message visible to the audience. 

The jacketed barriers look like ground-level billboards. In addition to advertising, the barrier jackets may also be used to provide more information about the event that is taking place and guide the spectators to their respective positions. Signs can be posted on the barriers and both sides of the barriers can be used to present a different message. It is also very easy to remove the existing jackets and cover your steel barriers with new ones when you want to change your advertisement. 

Crowd Control Barriers - Monetizing Your Barriers So They Work For You!

The barricades can even be painted in various colors so as to give them an enhanced look. This will also tend to increase the lifetime of your steel barriers. The steel barriers can be painted so that they coordinate with the theme of your event. Thus painting them would be a very cost-effective way to accessorize your steel barriers.

The steel barriers can be covered with reflective sheeting in case they are used in parking areas. The uprights vertical bars can even be replaced by a net mesh so that limited access is provided to those behind the barriers. and still, you can add signage to promote or direct participants as well as buyers! You can even sell advertising on your barrier jackets to bring up your revenue! 


Advertising is monetizing – where do you use Barrier Jackets?

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