Social Distancing Stanchion Base Covers - Pack of 12 - Todoos
Social Distancing Stanchion Base Covers - Pack of 12

Social Distancing Stanchion Base Covers – Pack of 12





Try a more effective approach that takes advantage of your next inline posts.

Yes, they do work, people do look down when in line, and you know what this means;

There are 6 disadvantages:

  1. They start to come up on the edges
  2. They are impossible or difficult to reposition as requirements change
  3. Floor chemicals and cleaners can affect the finish
  4. They get scuffed and dull from the scraping of shoes
  5. When no longer needed, require scraping and solvent to remove, with possible floor damage.
  6. Don’t work on carpet. Read more below…


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Made in the USA

Description: Social Distancing Stanchion Base Covers - Pack of 12

Try a more effective approach that takes advantage of your next inline posts.

(Single package of 12 wide 14-inch diameter messages)

The better alternative is post rings;

There are 6 solid advantages:

  1. Highly visible and they stay clean
  2. They stay on the post, even when moved around for cleaning and storage
  3. Not in the path of shoes or cleaning abrasives
  4. Easy to reposition just like the portable posts
  5. Super easy to use, just drop over the post
  6. It can be personalized and custom-designed at no extra cost.

Plus: You get a free sample.

And if you place an order you also get: free shipping

To make sure it is clear, you get a free sample by requesting it here, and you get free shipping with the order.

What if you have a custom message? SURPRISE SURPRISE NO UPCHARGE

Yes, you can upload custom graphics here and order at the same price

And get a free mockup to see what it looks like before printing.

Now that is really nice.

So what are the benefits again?

Simple -simple -simple, just drop it over the base.

1. This is not the thin white banner material, this is a solid vinyl rip-stop material that takes the abuse.

Tear-proof: referred to as Rip-Stop, the scrim prevents even a slight tear from opening up like paper.

2. You get a choice of 5 colors plus black and white

Pure vinyl in Royal blue, Kelly Green, grey, red, and yellowVinyl Color Options

3. There is even the option for a double-thick 20 oz version

4. A premium printing job.

Unlike decals and posters on the cheap white substrate, we use pure and solid color vinyl so that the white does not show through scratches and distract. To get the POP, we actually print white and then the color on top of it. Double printing, yes, but the result is superior graphics.

These are inexpensive enough that you can order a whole range of different messages, from your sponsors and advertising options to simple

Now let’s be realistic. They do not fit every post the same. To keep costs down these are cut flat for the most popular coin style post bases. If you have a sloped base, they will not lay flat. They look like this. We can modify them, but that extra work has a cost. If concerned call us.

Stanchion Base Cover - Social Distancing

Order a few boxes today and try them out. You can only benefit.

Single pack of 12 for $98.50

The box is 12 packs for $83.50. Save 15%!

Case and Bulk are discounted based on volume so call us with quantity.


  • Free shipping
  • Fee mock-up for custom designs

Order today: Social distancing in stock ready to ship

PS: We have a rapid turnaround. In fact, you can learn more about our production capabilities here.

We are a full house cut and sew shop best known for the steel barrier covers, but we do custom covers, but we do custom covers for pianos, retail carts, turnstiles, catering carts, even seatbacks, and just about anything. Custom covers protect your assets from dust, even theft. Call us, we may even have a solution and pattern already produced to save you even more money.

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