Shields for Teachers | Rolling Shields to create a sense of safety

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Rolling Teacher Shield


Mobile teacher barrier shields are the perfect solution for classrooms, colleges, conference rooms & other environments. Steel bases with locking ball bearing casters makes repositioning easy. Aluminum uprights are attractive and durable. Aluminum frame accommodates clear plastic up to 1/4″ Thick. The clear plastic is NOT included.

Made in the USA

Description: Rolling Teacher Shield

Shields for teachers for a sense of safety

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Large 72″w x 48″h frame ideal for clear plastic
  • Specially designed heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame
  • Aluminum alloy racetrack oval uprights
  • 1/4” full top loading for panel insertion
  • Frames ship knocked down, ready for quick assembly with a screwdriver and rubber mallet (not included)

Size – 
60″ high upright poles
The overall height of the unit is 85″
36″h from floor to bottom of the frame
Bases are 4″w x 18″D

These rolling professor shields are the ideal barrier to help provide a sense of safety to teachers and students. In the future, they can be repurposed for use with printed graphics, room dividers, or a variety of other uses.

Assembly Process Of Rolling Teacher Shield

Assembly Process Of Rolling Teacher Shield 2Assembly Process Of Rolling Teacher Shield 3

While the rolling shields for teachers are best suited to form a see-through barrier between students and teachers, the pandemic of 2020 taught us that it can be used in multiple situations. You can choose to partition a room, for example, by installing this shield for teachers at optimum places. Why, even hospitals can use them as temporary shields for protecting patients and attendants from other, highly infectious patients.

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Crowd Management basics: For larger closures, such as portions of a parking lot for state hospitals, it may be more beneficial to use large-area temporary barriers, such as the Dual Portable Retractable Belt Barrier. Unique to the stanchion family, it has two retractable belts that each extend up to 65 feet to form the industry’s longest retractable belt barrier.

The barrier comes with a wheeled base that makes it convenient for even a single employee to set up a temporary blockade within minutes, covering a distance of 130 linear feet—the same as over ten portable retractable belt stanchions.


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