Plastic Poster Holders | Perfex SignFrames™ - premium sign frame
Plastic Poster Holders | Perfex Pedestal SignFrames™ - Information Stand
Plastic Poster Holders | Perfex Pedestal SignFrames™ - Information Stand
Plastic poster holders - Perfex Pedestal Signframes
Plastic poster holders - Perfex Pedestal Signframes 2
Plastic poster holders - Perfex Pedestal Signframes SF3S
Plastic poster holder, COVID-19 Signholders 20LF20-Series
Plastic poster holders - SF
Perfex Pedestal SignFrames™

Perfex Pedestal SignFrames™

  • Upright choices are Telescopic 26″ – 50″ H(-TP) or Fixed 36″ H(-X)
  • Bases choices are Square (-SQ) or Round (-RD)
Important: This product sold is hardware ONLY. This product does not include any custom printing or graphic production.
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Made in the USA

Description: Perfex Pedestal SignFrames™

Plastic Poster Holders | Perfex Premium Products

  • Heavy-duty extruded alloy
  • All frames accept 3/16” graphics
  • The frame is 1″ wide x 5/8″ deep
  • Frames have a top entry slot
  • All frames are open 2 sides
  • Choice of upright, base, orientation
  • SQ Square steel base: 12”, 5 lbs. (SF3, 4, 5) and 16”, 9 lbs. (SF6)
  • RD Round steel base:  11”, 5 lbs. (SF3, 4, 5) and 13”, 7 lbs. (SF6)
  • Optional wet-erase inserts are available

Perfex Plastic poster holders are our premium sign frames that are proudly manufactured to match the extraordinary decor of our clients.

Available in vertical as well as horizontal orientation, Perfex Pedestal SignFrames are constructed out of heavy-duty extruded alloy so that they retain the same shape for long, even after thousands of uses.

You can choose your specific options – graphic size, base, Upright, and frame orientation for plastic poster holders from the 4 dropdowns above. Display your signs in a more aesthetic manner for years to come.

Order a plastic poster holder from Todoos today…

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Additional Information

Graphic Size 

8-1/2" X 11", 11" X 14", 11" X 17", 14" X 22"


Square, Round


Fixed 36", Telescopic 26"-50"

Frame Orientation

Vertical, Horizontal


Satin Silver, Matte Black


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