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Pallet Sign holders


Great for Warehouse Clubs and Big Box Stores
Our pallet rack sign holders allow you to adjust the stand’s height to fit your particular display needs.
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Made in the USA

Description: Pallet Sign holders

Pallet Rack Sign Holders are a convenient way to display floor displays, perfect for Big Box retailers, warehouse clubs and warehouse signage. The square base slips underneath the display to hold it in place.

PLT-1 Pallet Sign Holder PLT-W Wire Pallet Sign Holder PLT-PX1 Telescopic Pallet Sign Holder
Telescopic 72″ high pole All metal – 3/8″ steel rod 8-1/2″ x 11″ aluminum frame
Satin silver finish 3/16″ x 4″ x 14″ shovel base Satin silver finish
Hooks fixed at 18″ centers Bulk packed Select horizontal or vertical orientation
24″ long crossbar 18″ on center “j” hooks hold graphic Pole telescopes to 50″ high
Heavy duty shovel base Black powder coated finish 3/16 x 4″ x 14″ shovel base
Individually boxed Super strong, very economical For Media up to 3/16″ Thick
Height: 60″

Additional sizes and colors can be made to order (minimum quantities apply.) Order or call Todoos for your custom requirements.Our pallet rack sign holders allow you to adjust the stand’s height to fit your particular display needs. Along with easy height adjustment, our wedge sign holders can be effortlessly paired with hanging frames, thus allowing you to quickly swap out flyers and prices during high traffic days and at festival sales.

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Whether you need to control an invasion of customers arriving for curbside pickup or block off a restroom with an overflowing toilet, a good rapid deployment strategy is key to crowd management.

Frequently, rapid deployment means blocking access to an area—like the tarmac or a part of the arena in minutes. At other times, it means expanding your queue to accommodate unexpected large crowds. Whatever the reason, you’ll need two things for rapid deployment: crowd control equipment like stanchions and sign holders that you can whip out in seconds, and a clear plan of action.

If your venue is large, store your rapid deployment supplies in different, marked locations. That way you can quickly set them up in any area. When you need to move equipment quickly without a lot of manpower, use something like the Todoos Vertical Cart. Easy to store and maneuver, the cart can carry more than a dozen stanchions at a time. 

We also take up bulk orders on Request.

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72" H 24" Bar – shovel base – telescopic – silver, 60" H 3/8" Steel – shovel base – black, 50" Telescopic 8-1/2" X 11" Horiz. – shovel base – silver, 50" Telescopic 8-1/2" X 11" Vert. – shovel base – silver


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