Poster snap frames | ALL aluminum EasyOpen Snapframes Made in USA!

EasyOpen SnapFrames™

  • Beautifully mitered corners
  • Choose Curvilinear or Rectilinear Snapframe profile
  • Aluminum Snap Frames, 1-1/4″ wide, 9/16″ deep
  • Media: accepts posters and paper signs up to 1/32″ thick
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting slots
  • Wall screws and anchors
  • Spring loaded sides for easy insertion
  • Rigid styrene backing
  • Choice of Clear or Matte overlay lens included.
  • Available in Satin Silver Aluminum or Matte Black Aluminum (Silver costs less than black)
  • For media up to 1/32″
Important: This product sold is hardware ONLY. This product does not include any custom printing or graphic production.
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Made in the USA

Description: EasyOpen SnapFrames™

Poster snap frames

America’s #1 Producer of Snap Frames, Testrite manufactures custom size Snapframes every single day. Our all-aluminum EasyOpen Snapframes are built to last. Our snapping poster frames are Made in the USA.

Pair with custom brackets, custom backers, custom color SnapFrames (Power coating), and more customization available upon request.

We are the go-to manufacturer for Snapframes, and we are here ready to help you with your next project.

Contact a member of our sales team for aggressive rollout pricing.

Poster snap frames are very popular in the retail industry but are also aggressively used by event managers for using them at stadiums, arenas, hospitals, etc. The gorgeous and functional frame enhances the decor of any area that it is placed in, and delivers a rich look of sophistication to your guests and visitors.

You may choose the right options for poster snap frames according to graphic size, frame type, color and lens from the 4 dropdowns above.

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Additional Information

Frame Type

Curvilinear Profile, Rectilinear Profile

Frame Size

8” x 10”, 24” x 36”, 30” x 40


Satin Silver, Matte Black


Matte, Clear


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