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Alvarado SU5000 Swinging Barrier Optical Turnstile 35″ Bi-parting Barriers (Single Lane)


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Key Features:

  • Three-panel height options
  • Slimmest available cabinet width
  • Standard and handicapped width lanes have same cabinet dimensions
  • Shared center cabinets to create multiple lane configurations
  • Highly intuitive LED illuminated user graphics embedded in turnstile lid
  • Crystal clear swinging and fixed side panels
  • Cabinet finish and lid color options to blend with any environment
  • Optional panel etching and/or panel illumination

Added Benefits:

  • Modern design blends with any lobby
  • Slim cabinets allows optical turnstile use in compact spaces
  • Transparent panels look great and increase visibility
  • Cabinet and lid options to blend with any environment
  • Visual graphics provide guidance to users
  • Optional floor saver platform eliminates the need for anchoring and trenching through floor
Made in the USA

Description: Alvarado SU5000 Swinging Barrier Optical Turnstile 35" Bi-parting Barriers (Single Lane)

Elegant Design

The SU5000 is simply a beautiful product. Its rounded lines, contoured edges and liberal use of crystal clear materials create a very upscale look suitable for any premium lobby.  With the industry’s slimmest cabinet design, the SU5000 slim size and very compact footprint saves floor space and allows use of optical turnstiles in areas where space is a premium.

Common Applications
• Employee and visitor access control
• Pedestrian traffic flow control
• Time and attendance integration

Typical Installation Sites
• Government facilities
• Corporate lobbies
• Campus recreation centers
• Health clubs

Over a dozen available options, including:
• Panel illumination and custom etching
• Three standard panel sizes (35”, 46” and 69”)
• Custom lid colors and cabinet finishes
• Card and biometric access reader integration
• Barcode reader visitor system integration
• Elevator destination dispatch integration
• Floor-saver platform

Safe and User Friendly Operation
• Illuminated user displays guide and instruct patrons
• Individual customizable sounds (.wav files) provide
notification of card status and alarm conditions (i.e. an
unauthorized passage attempt)
• Closed loop motor control and strategically placed safety
sensors provide a high level of user safety

Power Supply 110-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 20W (idle)
40W (operating)
65W (peak)
Operational Voltage VDC, 24/12/5

IP Enabled Technology
The SU5000 allows browser-based configuration and control from
a PC, tablet or smart phone. Alvarado’s GateKeeper monitoring
software provides a virtual desktop view of installed turnstiles,
and allows attendants to perform operational functions such as
processing one-time passages and changing operational modes.

Access Control and Fire System Integration
The SU5000 integrates easily to access control and fire systems
through I/O (dry contact).

Operating Modes
Card in/card out; card in/free exit; free entry/free exit; exit only.

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