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Queueway Classic 310 Rope Barrier Metal Stanchion – Crown Top

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The Queueway Classic 310 Rope Stanchion is what you’d classically see as a red velvet stanchion. Suitable for any environment, these high-quality crowd control stanchions add class to your event and are built to last. 

  • Lightweight construction allows for easy installation, removal, and rearranging
  • The removable crown top allows you to use stanchion signage as needed
  • Full circumference rubber floor-protector helps prevent floor scuffing
  • Assembly in seconds, no tools required
  • Universal 4 way loop for easy attachment of rope at any angle
  • Post Height: 36.25″ (Universal base), 38.50″ (Traditional base)
  • Post Diameter: 2”
  • Weight: 24lbs
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Description: Queueway Classic 310 Rope Barrier Metal Stanchion – Crown Top

Watch this quick informative video to see exactly how our clients are using their stanchion posts and barriers to control the flow of their customers and patrons!


Red velvet rope barrier – The Queueway Classic 310 is available with different base options, ropes, and post finishes. Suitable for any environment, these crowd control stanchions are built to last. The Queueway Classic 310 Rope Stanchion is pre-tapped at the top so you can add any signage or message you desire. And they appear posh yet look minimalist. Even though it seems rather odd to care about the aesthetics of stanchion posts, the solid construction and subtle finishes add a level of sophistication to your location.

A red velvet rope barrier looks great in any setting

Metal stanchions are everywhere! From an airport check-in to the lounge of a hotel, our classic posts are indispensable for property managers and event organizers as they appreciate the importance of a professionally designed stanchion in portraying a premium image.

Here are some places where you’re likely to see them:

  • Creating clearly marked lines to help customers at airport check-ins
  • Identifying areas that are closed to visitors
  • Indicating the right of way in transit areas
  • Crowd control at theaters and malls
  • Museum and exhibition access control

Also available with universal bases for increased accessibility and safety

The universal stanchion base is designed for better accessibility. This base has the lowest leading edge on the market, so it’s easier to use for people who use wheelchairs or are visually impaired. The bases are equipped with high grip rubber pads that prevent accidental sliding across the floor.

Classic red velvet rope barrier adds a note of sleek sophistication 

Available in 4 premium finishes and a range of base options, the classic 310 rope barrier metal stanchion – crown top looks great and works great! Refine the look of your waiting areas with the stunning red velvet rope barrier.

These stanchions are usually paired with velvet ropes, albeit, they are compatible with various types of ropes available at Todoos: 

The red velvet rope barrier is as low-maintenance as it gets.

310 Red Velvet Rope BarrierUsing a stanchion eliminates the need to manually control crowds. Along with ensuring the safety of customers by requiring them to queue, stanchions are pretty easy to manage and you can just put them in place and forget them. However, we recommend you occasionally inspect them for any moisture and dry them off if they are exposed to any water during their use.

You should also pay attention to the bolts that attach the post to the base. Often these bolts loosen when metal stanchions are used more frequently and can make the post shaky.

You simply need to adjust the bolts at the base’s bottom with a wrench to tighten the post to the base again.

Features and benefits of the Queueway Classic 310 Rope Stanchion:

  • Available in four elegant finishes- Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Brass and Satin Chrome
  • You can choose from four different base options: Classic base, Dome base, Profile base and Roller base
  • Lightweight construction allows for easy installation, removal, and rearranging of multiple posts
  • The removable crown top reveals a pre-tapped surface on top for the display of stanchion signage 
  • Full circumference rubber floor-protector, to help prevent floor scuffing
  • Forged universal 4-way loop
  • Assembly in seconds, no tools required
  • Post Height: 36.25” (Universal base), 38.50” (Traditional base)
  • Post Diameter: 2”
  • Weight: 24lbs

Interested in more stanchions?

If crowd control is what you’re after but want to explore more options, we have a number of high-quality metal stanchion posts suitable for your requirements. 

We look forward to helping you choose from Todoos’ extensive product selection! Have a question about our red velvet rope barrier? Find the right product for your needs by speaking with one of our US-based product experts!


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