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Rollersigns provide a unique platform that transforms what would be dead space into a high-impact advertising area! Change your space by putting roller signs on your retractable belt barriers for high-impact branding!

This is a cost-effective way to market products and services while maintaining crowd control with traditional retractable belt stanchions.

Whether you’re managing a restaurant, a retail store, an airport, a school, or a stadium, Rollersigns can streamline your lines, guide your visitors, and communicate messages easily!


What happened when the directors of a large barrier company and an electronics company met over a round of beer? The conversation went beyond midnight talking about making retractable belt barriers better – Could they be improved the way the stanchion works? Not really. Could they add a new benefit to them? Absolutely!

The idea was to keep the belt barrier functional, but to look at ways to use it as a space for advertising and information, so, in the place of dead space, we now have high-impact retractable banners, while keeping the floor clean.

Over three years, a dedicated team across the globe put in thousands of hours, and Rollersigns was born!

Do these stanchion signs look familiar? You may have seen it on Shark Tank (U.K.) where the product received backing from one of the Sharks!

Many years later, Rollersign is used throughout the world in airports, shopping centers, museums, stadiums, and more! 

Staying true to its founder’s vision, the company continues to leverage its core competencies to design, manufacture, and market innovative stanchion signage solutions in North America and Europe.

Retrofitting to retractable belt barrier posts and pulling down to reveal a banner, vinyl, or mesh for indoor and outdoor use, Rollersigns can bring your space to life!

Call us with your requirements and one of our U.S. based representatives will assist you in selecting ways to creatively use the Rollersigns with your retractable belt barriers.

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