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Mlr InternationalPlastic jersey barriers from MLR International are renowned for their quality construction, durability, and thoughtful designs.

Since its inception in January 2000, MLR International has been introducing a wide range of unique crowd control products to the U.S. market. They have a reputation of high quality among their customers and the exceptional designs of their bestselling products such as plastic Plastic Barriers In Use At A Baseball Gamejersey barriers, plastic barricades, plastic traffic barriers and other seemingly simple crowd control items. Despite their simplicity, even a cursory glance will reveal the level of thoughtfulness that has gone into designing these products, with an eye towards customer safety and economic concerns, as well as a high degree of precision in their designs and manufacturing.

We stock their best products, including the highly popular plastic barricade, plastic jersey barriers, and a versatile line of products that include Movit, Minit, Xpandit, Xtendit, and their innovative accessories.

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  1. We are holding every supplier responsible. They must stand 100% behind any of their products and services that we list in our store.
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