Steel crowd control barrier - Champion in outdoor crowd control
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Steel crowd control barriers | The crowd control champion for outdoor use!
Steel crowd control barriers | The crowd control champion for outdoor use!
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Painted Steel Crowd Control Barrier
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8ft Barricade Blue Bridge Feet
8ft Barricade Galvanized Bridge Feet _5595
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8ft Barricade Red Bridge Feet
8ft Barricade White Bridge Feet
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Painted Steel Crowd Control Barrier



The mid-level alternative between the Classic barrier and best-in-class Standard. Manufactured from heavy gauge steel, they provide superior weather protection. The barricades interlock using the broad hook standard. This is compatible with many existing inventories.

  • Choose from 8 bright colors
  • Full 2.5-meter length, plus hook.
  • Constructed of 16 gauge/1.5mm steel
  • Height: 43″ | Length: 8’4″ | Weight: 44 lbs.
  • The barrier is made of hot-dip galvanized steel that can withstand most weather conditions and can last for generations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Steel and Plastic Barriers must be ordered at a minimum of 10 barricades for shipping and product integrity purposes.

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Description: Painted Steel Crowd Control Barrier

Don’t let protestors run riot

Our steel crowd control barriers consist of a 2.5-meter steel frame that’s made of 16 gauge steel and is welded together with 21 uprights. This can further encourage crowd control when combined with other barriers. This barricade is available with 2 different foot types: flat and bridge.

A steel Crowd control barrier – sometimes also referred to as a crowd control barricade – is frequently used at public events like sports, political rallies, demonstrations, parades, and outdoor festivals.

The barrier is 43 inches high, 8 feet and 4 inches long with a weight of 44lbs. Our barriers are available in 8 different colors.

The following are the key features of steel crowd control barriers:

  • Available in 8 colors
  • 16 gauge/1.5mm steel
  • Removable feet for efficient storage and shipping
  • 21 uprights for maximum rigidity
  • Hook and loop connection, barricade line cannot be broken from the middle
  • Saddle cut, welded frame for greater strength
  • Hot dipped galvanizing for outdoors use
  • Full 2.5-meter length, plus hook. Not the shorter 90″ frame.
  • Height: 43″ | Length: 8’4″ | Weight: 44 lbs.

Steel barriers are preferred for crowd management by event planners, arena managers and security personnel all around the country. They play a critical part in crowd management planning of police and other government bodies who have to regularly face the wrath of activists during protest marches by acting as a physical and subliminal barrier, to demarcate no access zones and redirect protesters to allocated spaces.

Our steel barriers effectively deliver the mid-level alternative between the Classic barrier and the best-in-class Standard barrier. These Crowd Control barricades are built for long-term weather resistance.

Multiple barriers can be interlocked snugly for a formidable barrier system!

Manufactured from heavy gauge steel, Crowd Control Steel Barriers provide excellent weather protection. The barricades work at their most effective when they are interlocked using the broad hook standard, thus forming long and strong lines of barriers that are almost impossible to breach.

Every Todoos steel crowd control barrier for crowd control is compatible with most existing inventories.

Organize all types of events more efficiently and effectively by using the best crowd control products from Todoos. Order today.

Want to create a more refined barrier for personal events?

Make crowd control a breeze with Movit®, the beautifully designed barricade whose one-piece design and interlocking ends provide for a strong and durable crowd control experience.

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Galvanized, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, White

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Flat Feet, Bridge Feet (pair)


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