Wall mounted stanchion | control access to hallways or passages!
Wall mounted stanchion is perfect for closely packed areas- Get one today!
Wall mounted stanchion is perfect for closely packed areas- Get one today!
897 Standard Wall Mounted Stanchion Installed in a warehouse
897 Tensabarrier Retractable wall mounted stanchion Barrier System Warehouse
Rear Tensabarrier Wall Mounted Stanchion For Industrial Barrier

Tensabarrier Standard Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barrier with 15′ Belt



Tensabarrier 897 Standard Wall Mounted Stanchion allows you to restrict access and save floor space. Close off aisles or corridors without taking up floor space by using this Wall-Mounted retractable belt barrier system. Wall-mounted barriers give you all the benefits of a stanchion-and-belt system, without taking up all the space!

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Description: Tensabarrier Standard Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barrier with 15' Belt

897 15′ Standard Wall Mounted Stanchion- Restrict Access and Save Floor Space

Wall mounted stanchion is a perfect solution for situations where a flexible retractable barrier is required without taking up floor space. Used in a variety of settings including airports, multiplex theaters, restaurants, shopping malls and banks. The 897 features a 15 belt making it ideal for applications that require a longer belt.

  • Belt length available: 15 ft.  A 30 feet high-capacity belt is also available.
  • A variety of mounting options are available to suit different applications – all are easy to install
  • A full range of cap colors are available

Please note that our wall units come with wall clips.

Wall mounted stanchion barriers are popular with businesses that experience large numbers of people but have limited floor space, which can make it next to impossible to use regular stanchions to create effective lines.

Wall mounts are universally used for regulating crowds in public places like airports, universities, museums, and government offices. They’re perfect for situations where you don’t need a portable solution.

Businesses like department stores, shopping malls, concerts, and stadiums that repeatedly receive huge crowds often choose the wall mounted stanchion as a permanent solution to their crowd flow needs.

Another great benefit to the wall-mounted retractable barrier is that it’s hidden from public view, so it can be used when needed and retracted when it’s not. Contrary to a floor stanchion that occupies space even when not in use.

Architects and interior designers particularly appreciate this subtle leverage provided by retractable stanchions as it helps maintain the aesthetic of a room.

The 15’ standard wall-mounted barrier is available in 4 colors and a number of belt styles. Please choose the best option for your event from the dropdowns above.

Get in touch with us if you’re looking to customize the stanchion belt with your brand or sponsor name.

Shop for the wall mounted stanchion and more crowd control products for your property or event!

Additional Information


Black, Polished Chrome, Red, Yellow

Belt Style

Authorize Only, Black, Black & Yellow Chevron, Blue, Brown, Caution – Do Not Enter, Danger – Keep Out (Yellow w/Black Letters), ESD Protected Areas (Yellow w/Black Letters), Gray, Green, Light Blue, Magenta/Yellow, Orange, Red, Red & White Chevron, White, Yellow


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