Crowd Control Barrier Covers- Clarify boundaries with bright colors!
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2.5 Meter Solid Barrier Jacket (Pack of 3)



Crowd control barrier covers provide the added advantage of covering your steel barricades in a colorful mélange so that the lines of barriers silently direct the visitors without intimidating them with cold gray steel.



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Description: 2.5 Meter Solid Barrier Jacket (Pack of 3)

Solid colored crowd control barrier covers for crowd control barriers

The barrier jackets are made from high-quality vinyl that is designed to slide over crowd control barriers and the Velcro tabs enable them to stay attached to the barrier frame for an overall unified appearance. Besides serving as a cover for your barriers to protect them from the harsh weather, jackets can also serve as marketing and advertising space.

Barriers or Barricades are typically used for controlling large crowds but can look indelicate in some venues and events. Our crowd control barrier covers are an ideal way to hide them in smart colors and at the same time, secure your barricades from insensitive weather and an unruly crowd. Made out of sturdy 18 oz. vinyl material, the original jacket style is designed as a simple, but appealing way to make barricades more eye-catching and colorful.

The most universally-used jacket style, this eye-catching yet cost-effective solution to cover crowd control barriers can be used at multiple venues and events; solid colors are not tied to a particular theme or venue, so you can use them repeatedly, thus assuring an even neater ROI for your already frugal investment. We offer a wide variety of brilliant colors for solid color jackets for crowd control barriers. Our fast turnaround ensures we can deliver a matching barrier jacket in your school colors or your event theme at a short notice.

Many of our customers also print logos and promotional messages on our weather-resistant solid color jackets for crowd control barriers, thus transforming them into low-cost, high-impact billboards for brand recall, right at an event venue. Your sponsors will absolutely love your efforts to promote their business to a crowd of potential buyers at the event!

Jacket Measurement Guide

Jacket measurement guide
Note: Once your barrier jacket order is placed, you can expect a call from a Customer Service Representative who will verify the dimensions of your current barricades, to ensure the perfect fit.

Barrier jackets can be a prime advertising space at your event- If your event or team has corporate sponsors, jackets provide you extra spaces, without any extra investment, that you can offer them to promote their brand or message. You can offer multiple sponsors per jacket or focus on single sponsor jackets.

Not just brand promotion, you can use solid color jackets for your crowd control barriers to communicate important informational messages to the crowd of visitors. These messages can include event schedule, route instructions, any changes in schedule and easy markers to identify locations.

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Beige (455/467), Black, Brown (497), Cool Grey (8), Dark Blue (302), E.B. Grey (421), Forest Green (3435), Fuchsia (205), Kelly Green (3425), Marine Blue (291), Maroon (188), Navy Blue (289), Orange (165), Purple (2685), Red (201), Turquoise (3135), White, Yellow (116)


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